35 Galaxy Note 7 Tips & Tricks


The new Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung’s most impressive phone yet, and still a great buy even after the earlier recall problem. These 35 Galaxy Note 7 tips and tricks will show owners how to get as much as possible out of their new or replacement phone. Whether this is your first Galaxy or one of many Androids, we go over steps like transferring data from an old phone, creating GIFs with the stylus, running two apps at once and even add a bit of customization to your Galaxy.

Owners won’t need to read the boring manual or search through the extensive settings pages on the phone. Nor sit and Google how to do some of the fun things Samsung has bundled with the phone and S-Pen stylus. We cover everything and more.


Being a big smartphone with the latest version of Android and tons of software features there is a lot to learn. With our help you’ll master the Galaxy Note 7 in no time. We’ll start with changing tons of settings to improve the out-of-the-box state and get you setup for success in the long run. Perfect for those who are now finally able to enjoy the Note 7 after the recall. Then detail even more helpful Note 7 tips, tricks and hidden features.

When you first get the Galaxy Note 7 you’ll start by setting up the fingerprint and Iris scanner, adding a passcode or security measure, then sign into Gmail to get all of your content, apps, games and more. That is stuff everyone knows, so we’ll be focusing on other important areas. It runs the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and expect even more features to arrive with Android 7.0 Nougat in the near future.

Galaxy Note 7 Tips & Tricks

Some of these tips and tricks will be something you’ve known for a long time, while others may be completely new. There are so many features jammed inside this phone that you’ll surely learn a thing or two about the Galaxy Note 7 right here. Like we said above, we’ll start with changing a bunch of settings, then get into tips so you can master the new Note. Lets get started.

Alphabetize the App Tray

One of the first things you probably noticed is the application tray doesn’t show apps in order, especially once you download a bunch from the Google Play Store. Instead they are out of order, and new downloads are at the end of the list when they’re probably what you use the most. Thankfully there’s a way to quickly re-sort them all in alphabetical order.

Hit the bottom right icon to open the application tray, then tap the 3-dot settings button at the top and select “A-Z” and then tap save. This will list apps alphabetically, they way it should have from the beginning, and make finding apps easier. The next time you install an app though, you’ll have to do it again because it will go to the back of the list. How frustrating.

Customize the Always-On Display

One of our favorite new features is the Always-On display. Using less than 5% power throughout an entire day the Note 7 shows helpful information like the time, date, battery life, calendar, incoming notifications or even a subtle background wallpaper on the screen 24/7. It does move, occasionally, to keep the screen from having “burn-in” which bothers some. You can disable it, but we’d recommend keeping this feature turned on.

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