7 Mobile App Ideas for Android OS

 7 Mobile App Ideas for Android OS

It would help if you had a fantastic idea when creating a great app on Builder.ai. Your app should provide solutions that make the user’s life easier. While the app market is saturated and showing no sign of slowing (over 1.9 million apps on the Apple App Store alone), finding a niche and making a name for yourself as a digital entrepreneur is still possible.

You may find inspiration in the following suggestions if you want to build an Android app.

Virtual Interior Design

Much like online opticians do nowadays, an app that offers a virtual preview could be a fantastic way to help interior designers bring their decorative vision to life. All the user would need is a photo of their room, and the app could then add suitable decor, furniture, curtains, etc. In addition, an app of this kind allows users to experiment with colors, lighting, and styles.

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Applications for Seniors

As more individuals become app users, so do older adults. As such, there could be room for an app that helps senior citizens remember to take their medication, pay bills, remind them about their daily activities, and help them order food and other products online.

Personal Budgeting

Since COVID-19, people have been looking for innovative ways to allocate finances and organize their budgets efficiently. A high-quality personal budgeting app is a great way to spend responsibly when purse strings are tight. An app monitors how you pay as you input your salary and expenses. These apps can also include features where you set a daily spending limit and receive notifications when you deviate from your budget.

Mall Navigation

How often do you get lost in a mall or shopping center, mainly new to the location? If you constantly struggle to find a particular store among a collection of others, an app that helps you navigate a shopping center could be just what you need. This app should include accurate directions and maps to help users easily find their favorite retailers.

Event Planning

If you’ve ever tried to organize a big event, you’ll understand how much work goes into making the occasion a success. An app that facilitates all the jobs with event planning could let users create tasks and assign timelines and due dates. Additionally, the app could also create guest lists, to-do lists, and plan schedules that are clear and focused, keeping all the need-to-know information on your smartphone.

Barter Exchange

While there are many e-commerce apps on the market, there is a gap for people to exchange services or goods they need for those they offer. Therefore, an app that lets users barter for things like clothing, gadgets, books, and other items is becoming increasingly relevant, helping people source items they need in exchange for something they no longer use.

Restaurant reservation app

Sick of waiting around at the restaurant for a table? Many good places use technology to improve customer waiting times and ensure the front-of-house is less hectic than usual. A reservation app helps customers save time. Some apps let customers choose their exact seats. You may pitch this to local restaurants once you have designed your app.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas to spark your imagination. There are so many industries and avenues to explore; they all have room for innovation and app-based solutions. So whether you’re building your platform on Apple iOS or Android OS, one good idea is all it takes to change the market.

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