One good thing about music is when it hits you; you feel no pain. After all, music is the moonlight of everyone’s life. Most people feel connected to music and musical instruments. Are you one of those who are looking for a new instrument? Buying one is a task but an instrument when bought is an investment. Musical instruments are expensive, especially those which cost hundreds of dollars. People often get confused about which company to look for and which instrument to buy. With so many brands in the market, it becomes difficult to understand which brand is worth all the money. Buying a musical instrument, be it a Yamaha guitar, Roland drum pad, or a Filbert violin is the most exciting time for any music lover. After thorough research, there are finally some tips that hit the nail on the head for what to consider before handing over your cash to welcome your new musical instrument.



Buying the right instrument is always a task. Buy those instruments that you can handle. If your arms are weak, don’t play trombone; if you often have backaches, don’t play the Sousaphone. Always make sure that you buy those instruments that are handy, and you can play them smoothly. As it is also a medium of recreation, you don’t want to spend your moments of creation falling or stumbling with your musical instrument. You can assess it on various questions such as does it sound the way you want it to sound? Or Are the keys placed in such a way that you can perform rapid passages comfortably? It is crucial to ask yourself these questions to put money on the right instrument. Never force yourself to buy an instrument just because it looks good and will make you look cool.


No one wants an instrument big than themselves. If the violin is big than you, you cannot play it well. So make sure to buy an instrument of sizes that you can handle. Furthermore, it would help if you also had an idea of the room you will place and play in. So if the room is small or there is a space crunch, you might not be able to play a too big instrument. Octobass is a massive instrument; you cannot accommodate it in a room. So keep in mind the size and then buy it.


Musical instruments are expensive. It would be best if you did thorough research while buying one. Compare the prices of different brands for the same instrument. You must have a sound knowledge of the features of an instrument. The long gold-plated piano belonged to Elvis Presley, but you can’t buy it. So purchase an instrument that fits your pocket pinch and not burns a hole in your pocket.


Quality is one of the most important points that should be looked upon while buying any instrument. It would help if you always bought those of high quality and have no structural weakness. So try your hands on the instrument before buying it. See if you can blow well or the strings are attached properly. When you are spending money, you might as well buy the best then.


Renting is dead money when you look at the current market trends. However, whether to buy or rent is an individual decision. If you can’t afford it, then you can try the option of renting. However, it would help if you looked at other things, such as the resale value of the instrument,t, etc. Furthermore, if you plan to buy a second-hand instrument to try cutting financial corners, then you must hold a proper inspection of the instrument because nobody wants to taste germs and other things. Music is the best medicine of the mind, so you may as well buy the best medicine available. There are many brands and instruments in the market but buy only that instrument that fits your soul, hand, and pocket.

Dennis Bailey


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