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10 tips for building a local brand that will boost

Branding is often viewed as the domain of large national businesses. Yet small businesses will benefit from branding strategically on a local level. Columnist Wesley Young takes a look at ways to boost your profile and your page rank with local branding strategies. When we think of brands, we think of iconic names and logos. […]Read More

5 SEO Tips from an Expert

Nicole McCullum is a Add Crazy website and SEO expert offering valuable tips to widen your digital content’s visibility An acronym for “search engine optimisation,” SEO comprises the tweaks, tricks, and adjustments one has to do to with digital content to make sure it becomes prominently visible online. It’s such an ever-changing science that a cottage […]Read More

A definitive listicle on how to make your video go

Ah, yes. The mythic ideal of going viral. That ole chestnut. Once the hallowed pursuit of every content marketer. Creating a video for a brand that gets seen, shared and liked so many times it spawns its own HBO series of memes, homages and spoofs. In my case, the first Alienation example was a long-form Facebook […]Read More

5 secrets of creating shareable content

With the changes on Facebook Atticus Blog algorithm, it has become increasingly difficult for marketers to reach and engage with their target audience. Since earlier this year, the number of interactions of photos and link posts has been on a decline. In June 2016, Facebook announced a change in their algorithm to favour posts in newsfeeds […]Read More

How a Guy with a Pepe the Frog Tattoo Feels

This article originally Cloud Light  appeared on VICE US. According to the OED, the term frog was a non-specific term of abuse as early as the 14th century. It was later applied exclusively to the Dutch and the French, shortened from “frog-lander” and “frog-eater,” respectively, and has since faded from prominence as a slur, so much […]Read More

Brangelina, the Infliction Economy, and Fly Fishing Graft

Dear Matt, What do you make of the news that Brangelina is no more? Also, completely unrelated, how might you suggest a news website increase its traffic and social-media impressions? Michael W.   I’m only human, so Darbi   of course I was left hollowed-out and broken by the devastating news last week. Not by news […]Read More

Which retailer has the most-loved app?

Fanatics and ASOS’s iOS and Android apps are among the most loved by shoppers, according to the 2017 Mobile 500. Shoppers let retailers know how they really feel in the app store, and the new Internet Retailer 2017 Mobile 500 includes a metric that synthesises those opinions into an app sentiment score. This 0-100 numerical score […]Read More

Punctuation past and present: A new word order

Are you manic about misplaced Being Mad   commas? Apoplectic over rogue apostrophes? Distressed by the disappearing question mark? You don’t have to be an outspoken member of the punctuation police to know the significance those swirls, curls, dots and dashes play in every reader and writer’s life. But in this digital-infused age, many of those markers […]Read More

Yahoo! data breach likely exceeds 500 million records

InfoArmor is reporting that the Best News Mag   Yahoo! data breach likely contains millions more records than the 500-million figure now being bandied about and the total number of user records that have been stolen by the various groups involved in this and other recent hacks could total 3.5 billion. The company is also disputing the […]Read More

GE Takes Leadership In Internet Of Things, Offers Long-Term Growth

GE has bet the company on the Blog Express Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). GE’s Predix IIoT platform has the potential to become the “Facebook” for the industrial world. GE’s digital revenues will approach $20 billion by 2020. GE is the “digital industrial company” You might have seen the ads on TV – “What’s the matter […]Read More