Rohit Shetty

Unity at 10: For better—or worse—game development has never been

These days, one tool has Page Design Hub  essentially unlocked the world of game development for the masses. Since it was introduced in 2005, Unity has tried to make creating video games possible for everyone regardless of technical know-how or budget. It was first announced at Apple’s 2006 Worldwide Developer’s Conference and showcased as the first […]Read More

How to Use Collaboration Software to Map Workflows

On the very first day of my very first Page Design Pro  real job, the most senior editor of the journal publishing company that hired me took me to a huge flowchart pinned on a wall. “Here’s how an article goes from written to published,” she said. She walked me through the whole process, emphasising the […]Read More

Apple brings Siri to Macs and lets it talk to

Apple has announced Page Design Web  that it is bringing its virtual assistant Siri to the next Mac operating system. It can be used to find information on its computers, carry out web searches and send messages to acquaintances. The move lets the firm catch up with Microsoft, which offers a similar facility – Cortana – […]Read More

“This isn’t your grandmother’s kind of poetry”

U of O alumnus participates in OG 500 slam poetry contest With so many different Planet Amend  communities and clubs on campus, it’s easy for an art form like slam poetry to get lost in the shuffle. This is especially true here in Ottawa, where there are so many subcultures to indulge in. Despite this, the annual […]Read More

End of the Road review – the sweetest festival of

Early Sunday evening, and Planet reporter  Broken Social Scene – sometimes prone to tediously epic meandering – are tearing up End of the Road’s main stage, in what turns out to be the hit of the sweetest festival of the season. Four guitarists and a five-piece horn section give the sprawling Canadian music collective a sense […]Read More