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‘Life With MS’ Blog Marks 10-Year Anniversary

We posted our first Life with Multiple Sclerosis blog. At the time, I had just returned from a winter in Ireland, an experience I later wove into my memoir,  Vlogger Faire Chef Interrupted. I had been hosting monthly webcasts for a Seattle-based health website, and someone thought it was a good idea to ask me to […]Read More


The Rogue Blogger Who Keeps Spoiling Physics’ Biggest News

ON HIS PHYSICS-INSIDER blog, Web Posting Mart Résonaances, theorist Adam Falkowski titled his latest post “After The Hangover.” He’s not talking about a party. He’s talking about particle physics—and the decline and fall of this year’s most-exciting-discovery-that-was-not. On July 29, Falkowski declared what CERN, the European organization that runs the Large Hadron Collider, hasn’t yet: The […]Read More


How to Get 1,000 Daily Pageviews on Your Blog

Everyone wants 1,000 page views per day of web job posting on their blog, and only a handful will ever reach that goal. Frustration mounts when a plan seems unattainable. This is why content marketing leaves so many people feeling inadequate. You focus on the project. You want to find a clear path to gaining […]Read More


The Chicago Letter and Its Aftermath

Those tasked with writing Web List Posting letters to incoming first-year students frequently wonder if anyone reads them. John Ellison, dean of students at the University of Chicago, need not worry. Chicago students, professors, and pundits nationwide have read and scrutinized his letter to new students. “Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do […]Read More


Google Deletes Dennis Cooper’s Blog, Erasing Years of Artistic Output

On June 27, whenWeb Posting Reviews writer Dennis Cooper tried to access his blog—hosted by Blogger since 2002—he discovered that Google had deleted his fourteen-year project along with his Gmail account. Since then, readers have been greeted with a message simply stating, “Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available […]Read More


Q&A with Ian McEwan: The art of writing, the writer’s

Ian McEwan was ranked by Work Reveal the Times of London among the 50 greatest British writers since 1945. His novels, including Amsterdam, which won the 1998 Man Booker Prize, and Atonement, a 2001 novel made into a 2007 Oscar-winning movie, have attracted a large worldwide audience. On Wednesday, McEwan visits the Free Library to […]Read More