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Professional beer geek. Alcohol ninja. Social media scholar. Award-winning twitter fanatic. Writer. Basketball fan, mother of 2, audiophile, Saul Bass fan and communicator, collector, connector, creator. Producing at the sweet spot between simplicity and purpose to create strong, lasting and remarkable design. I'm a designer and this is my work.

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Best Web Hosting Tips for Blogging

Let’s discover becoming a blogger and the right use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn advertising and marketing in your blog and internet site. Facebook and Twitter have precise instructions for using their emblems. However, it seems that on the Internet, only a few human beings are following those tips. If you’ve got any questions, you […]Read More

Latest Internet News

Industry 4.0 Consulting and Strategy Tips

The next generation of leaders in the manufacturing industry is paying attention to how Industry 4.0 can transform manufacturing processes by increasing information exchange, creating new insights, and revolutionizing business models. Industry 4.0 combines new technology and management trends to create a smart factory operation. The manufacturing industry has experienced several industrial revolutions over the […]Read More

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Internet Best Kept Secrets

The first resource is the battle room. If you aren’t acquainted with the warfare room, make a unique note of this area. The proper call is the Warrior’s Forum. It is a must-have of locations to visit in case you are venturing into being profitable online. The Warriors Forum is loose, but if you need […]Read More


Samsung Z, A Smartphone That Uses AI to Detect Emotions

The Samsung Z, A is the first smartphone that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect users’ emotions and display the relevant information in a pop-up window. Samsung has been working on a new smartphone called Z. The device uses AI to detect emotions in photos. Samsung is releasing a new smartphone called Z, which uses […]Read More


5 Approaches to Cloud Integration

As time goes on, cloud applications become more and more popular. Brands that leverage SaaS cloud applications have better control over their analytics, data integration, and system architecture. However, cloud services might seem somewhat unattainable for brands that are slower to adopt cloud integration. Luckily, numerous approaches to cloud integration allow for scalability. They also […]Read More


What Is IoT?

People have become used to living with digital devices since the first home computers became commonplace in U.S. households. Most people rely on them these days. From software solutions in the workplace to smartphones, people constantly carry on their person; everyone is surrounded by technology. These days, it’s gotten to the point that it would […]Read More

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Online MLM Tips for Success

Online multilevel advertising and marketing provide a gamut of opportunities for the modern-day businessperson who perspectives the entire internet network as a very viable and capable purchaser. It all begins with locating a good MLM firm whose products you can sell. Online MLM may offer various products over the net to engaging in numerous business […]Read More