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Professional beer geek. Alcohol ninja. Social media scholar. Award-winning twitter fanatic. Writer. Basketball fan, mother of 2, audiophile, Saul Bass fan and communicator, collector, connector, creator. Producing at the sweet spot between simplicity and purpose to create strong, lasting and remarkable design. I'm a designer and this is my work.


Which Computer Operating System is Better For You?

Computer Operating System – Today, there are hundreds of operating systems available for computers. Some people like Windows, others like Mac, and still others prefer Linux. There are even mobile operating systems that run on phones. But which one is best for you? There are dozens of different types of computers. Each has its own […]Read More

Seo Tips

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker 

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker is the only keyword research tool that checks your keywords against Google’s data. It also lets you analyze keywords based on how competitive they are, how much traffic they generate, and more. When I first used it, I was impressed by how quickly it loaded. It also has a very intuitive […]Read More


Android Apps: How to Find the Best App for You

According to a new forecast from IDC, Google Play will be the dominant platform for Android apps by 2022, making it easier to discover the best apps for you. IDC said this is due to various factors, including the company’s search ranking algorithms, strong developer community, and the increasing use of mobile devices. As the […]Read More


Problems On The Internet Today

Problems On The Internet Today have changed our lives drastically, and it is changing even faster. But the Internet has also brought along its own set of problems. There are a lot of issues in the internet today. Some of them are too serious; some are not. Some are caused by malicious software, humans cause […]Read More


Become a Certified Software Engineer in 6 Months

One of the best ways to change a career and make big bucks is to become a certified software engineer. Becoming an accredited engineer can be done by distance learning while still working in a full-time job. A new training program has been created to help people obtain this certification in 6 months or less. […]Read More


How to Open a T-Mobile Store in the Next 1

T-Mobile is offering a special incentive for employees who want to open a store in the next 12 months, and it’s pretty cool: if they do so by December 31, 2018, they can get up to $50,000 in bonus money based on the size of their new T-Mobile Store. T-Mobile has announced that it will […]Read More