Best Headphones to Buy for Every PUBG Mobile Fan

 Best Headphones to Buy for Every PUBG Mobile Fan

If you have transcended all the usual ranges of interest around PUBG Mobile, chances are you are, right now, pretty critically invested in the sport. You study each piece of information and updates around the curse-breaking game, and you’ve formed a brand new brotherhood for yourself amongst fellow, similarly enthusiastic gamers who cannot get sufficient of the sport.

Wired earphones: Kingston HyperX Cloud earbuds (Rs 4,490)

The Kingston HyperX Cloud earbuds are possibly the maximum fee-for-cash funding you could make if you take PUBG Mobile (or another cell sport) more significantly than only a frivolous occasionality. Even for people interested in the competition, the HyperX Cloud earbuds are a one-of-a-kind pair of earphones that convey the mids-wealthy gaming sound signature while presenting a decent bass reaction and a dependable in-line microphone. Likewise, it is like-minded with a pretty good deal of any tool, making it even more flexible.


Overall, the Kingston HyperX Cloud earbuds are the most balanced pair of earphones you should buy, even within the popular imagination. Given the low pricing, there are a few compromises that you may make, most considerably the absence of in-line quantity buttons. But, because it is not an everyday product to find, we can make do with it.

Wireless earphones: Razer Hammerhead BT (Rs 6,999)

Admittedly, the Razer Hammerhead BT is not an appropriate pair of earphones that audiophiles would love to own. In truth, it is not quite the best choice for paying attention to the track, with a particularly bass-heavy audio signature, at the same time as the highs are mainly attenuated. However, the mid-frequency performance is better than average. This, coupled with the best bass reaction, the light neckwire form factor, wi-fi connectivity, and a receptive in-line microphone with extent, call, and music buttons, offer sufficient reasons to advise the Razer Hammerhead BT. Like the HyperX Cloud earbuds, very few merchandise may provide the same positioning that the Hammerhead BT has inside the market. Gamers could also appreciate the Razer brand, a significantly acclaimed name in gaming add-ons.

Wireless headphones: SteelSeries Arctic three (Rs 7,999)

Unlike the two referred to above, the Steelseries Arctic 3 wi-fi is likely the most muted in this list regarding looks and layout. It no longer looks pretty as exuberant as most gaming headphones do and is absolutely without the fiendishly competitive angles and spaceship-rivaling LEDs that most gaming headsets include these days. However, it offers robust and reliable audio that is completely tuned for gaming. The timbre is heated, and the headphones provide outstanding audio composure throughout the sonic variety.

If you wanted a higher motive to shop for one, it additionally comes with an optionally available three.5mm audio cable, giving it hybrid connectivity. The headphones additionally include all of the considered necessary controls at the body, and even while you switch to standard song playback, the Arctic 3 echoes its extreme gaming overall performance. It is likewise very comfy and has a sturdy microphone to shout institution commands into. If you’ve been up for lengthy gambling hours of PUBG Mobile sessions, you will seldom find higher options than the Steelseries Arctic three wireless headphones on the market. Given what they provide, they are no longer all that high-priced, either.

Wired Headphones: Logitech G Pro (Rs 8,495)

While searching for a shade meaner than the Arctic, the Logitech G Pro manages to % in oodles of understated magnificence. This is similarly amplified by the fact that the Logitech G Pro is the most comfortable and uncluttered pair of headphones you could lay your fingers on. Like Razer and SteelSeries, the Logitech brand also brings in critical pedigree within the gaming peripherals enterprise, and the G Pro itself gives a super audio signature. This is deceptively suitable and versatile, and music playback is correct.

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