Do You Want a Virtual Assistant? Use Your Phone!

Do you find your self forgetting appointments, losing your ‘to do’ listing, or missing cut-off dates? If so, use your clever smartphone as a virtual assistant to help prepare your lifestyles and increase your productivity. I use the iPhone, however, any clever phone will do all of the obligations listed in this text.


I use the calendar to keep tune of engagements and reoccurring tasks. After getting into an assignment or occasion in the calendar, the program permits you to designate whether the project may be reoccurring. The calendar has an alert to warn me days, hours or minutes earlier than the scheduled event. I music my workouts, meetings, and reminders. I delete the undertaking off the calendar once I actually have completed it. Every night time I make sure I even have finished the whole thing I had scheduled that day, and then I preview what I have on the listing for the next day. When I awaken the following morning, I recognize precisely how I will spend my time.


In the beyond I changed into a ‘list individual.’ I wrote down my ‘to-do’ list regularly but then I might typically lose the listing. I don’t know how usually I went to the grocery keep then found out I had left my shopping listing at home. So now I use the Notes utility. This is brilliant because if I run by way of the shop at the way home from paintings to pick out up milk, I can fast test the buying listing I made in my Notes app to peer if I need to buy something else.

I can e-mail myself at once from the Notes utility and print any notice information out later if wished. I no longer handwrite notes in the course of business meetings — now I simply type them into my cell phone, email them to myself, and print them out. When I get returned to the office. I actually drafted my personal policy manual even as ready in an airport throughout an enterprise experience. I wrote a bankruptcy of my first e-book whilst on a Jet Ski within the center of a lake near my domestic. When I returned home, I sincerely went to my electronic mail and printed the documents out.

I can access the Internet every time of the day irrespective of where I am. I love this because I am one of these curious people who visit Google to discover records twenty times an afternoon. I also can take a look at my financial institution balance and pay payments online. I may even shop on-line proper on my phone. During a shuttle one morning, I booked a cruise!

Address Book (Contacts)

I now not gather enterprise playing cards. When I meet a person at an assembly, I definitely create a brand new touch within the Contacts app. I can position any data I want in their file: call, smartphone numbers, cope with, email addresses, start date, office facts, website, immediately message names, and any random notes I feel like writing approximately this man or woman. I can take a photograph of them to save with the touch and when they name I can assign them their personal ringtone.

I do now not bring commercial enterprise cards anymore. If someone needs my contact records, I have a shape electronic mail and textual content that I ship them. They now have my records on their cellphone and that they do not have to fear approximately maintaining up with my card.

The iPhone is an amazing tour associate. I can use the Maps Application to locate directions. Using journey apps, I can search restaurants and reserve a table. I can take a look at the weather wherein I am or at my destination. While waiting in the airport, I may examine an e-book on an analyzing utility, play games, watch films on my iPod, listen to a downloaded audio e-book, or exercise my Spanish.

I keep all my common flyer numbers within the Contacts App through the airline. This got here inaccessible when the airline canceled my flight while touring Aspen, Colorado. Delta Airlines took me over other vacationers because I changed into able to deliver them my frequent flyer range proper off my cellphone — the opposite travelers only had the wide variety of the airline they had been touring on their office work. In addition, I shop all the information for condo automobile agencies and their loyalty packages. I hold my vehicle insurance records saved in my smartphone, that’s easily on hand if I have a coincidence.

You will not preserve up with boarding passes to any extent further due to the fact maximum airline agencies will ship you a code your airline attendant can scan without delay off your smartphone. My iPhone actually stored my vacation one time after I misplaced our journey papers. Of path I had the travel agent’s number saved in my contacts, however, I additionally made a Travel touch and stored the itinerary number, flight numbers and times, resort and condo car numbers. I misplaced my paperwork, however now not the journey statistics.

One time while on foot round Chicago on a business ride, I got lost. I truly knew as the motel smartphone number that I saved in my phone contacts beneath ‘Travel’ to get guidelines. As a plus, the inn front table character took pity upon me and sent an automobile considering the fact that I was six blocks away and it had begun to snow. I think I sounded a little bit freaked out because it would not snow lots in my fatherland. I felt like a queen traveling back to the hotel in a comfortable, heat vehicle. This would have in no way befell if I had not stored their range in my cell phone.

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Speaking of accommodations, the iPhone has an alarm so I not must fear approximately getting a wake-up name or address an unusual inn alarm clock. It has a flashlight as nicely, which once got here in handy throughout a health emergency within the middle of the night. That night I additionally found out of some other use for my cellphone – the camera. One of the men on my ground had taken a picture of the emergency path posted at the door internal his hotel room. An institution of us sleepy, disoriented tourists accompanied him to the emergency go out.

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