How Men and Women Travel Differently

 How Men and Women Travel Differently

Men are always asking, “What do ladies want”? The answer, of the path, is the whole thing, plus a holiday that does not consist of drowsing at the floor, killing one’s personal dinner, or seats within the bleachers at some sporting event. Face it – we understand men and women are one of a kind, so why do we plan all our journeys together? Unless it’s your honeymoon (in which case you absolutely ought to cross collectively), it might be great if each sex took at least one trip every year with out their enormous other. Why? Because you would possibly clearly enjoy yourselves extra.


Men and girls want various things from vacations. Many guys like to spend their loose time looking or taking part in, carrying occasions. When given a preference among a VIP revel in at a primary sporting event together with the Super Bowl, the front-row seats to a Rolling Stones concert, an enjoyment event like the Grammy Awards that consists of schmoozing with celebrities, or a week in Paris, an amazing number of fellows chose the carrying occasion.

According to a current observe, most effective 16% could opt for a week in Paris. In other words, guys could as a substitute make a pilgrimage to the holy web site of Notre Dame in Indiana than the Notre Dame cathedral in France. The equal have a look at confirmed that handiest 6% of ladies could pick out the carrying occasion over the opposite alternatives. Even stranger is why a person spent cash on this survey to tell us the obvious. Duh!



Alas, surveys abound approximately what males and females want from a ride, and on account that we are all unique, we all need various things. However, cliches are cliches for a purpose – usually, there’s a few fact to them. For example, it is broadly believed that ladies who journey need to look the arena in relative consolation and safety, possibly from the edge of a pool or seashore chair, with some purchasing thrown in for a desirable degree. Men, however, are seen as rugged and macho, forgoing the niceties of a five big name lodge in the desire of hitting the street and winging it with not anything, however, a backpack, their thumb, and maybe a trade of underwear, if they suppose they will want it.

Many women would love to travel fast and loose with the men, but then they run the risk of being considered fast and unfastened. The fact is, a female traveling alone could run into extreme troubles, relying on her destination. It’s less complicated for guys to go to extra locations and feature greater experiences while travelling solo, due to the fact they do not have to fear so much approximately where they sleep at night, who are using the auto they simply got into, and who thinks they are “easy” because they’re American. Women vacationers should consider the consequences of the whole thing they do, from how brief their dress is, to the community wherein the inn is located, to whether they must percent briefs of thongs.

That being stated, ladies and men frequently revel in similar stories while visiting in primary towns like Tokyo, New York, or Chicago. Additionally, maximum towns in Western Europe are considered secure for girls traveling on my own or with pals, due to the fact public transportation in all fairness secure, English is frequently spoken, and European women have most of the identical rights as their American counterparts. If your journey plans encompass locations in addition from the overwhelmed direction or taken into consideration higher chance, you may need to go together with a tour institution for added safety.

On an emotional stage, many girls view travel as a means for private growth, and that they are seeking out stories a good way to have the funds for significant contact with people from other cultures. They need recipes for the nearby delicacies and souvenirs created by local artisans, factors which aren’t always valued as extraordinarily by way of men.

Because men tend to be greater aggressive than maximum ladies, their travel reviews additionally have a tendency to have clear goals. For instance, both males and females may additionally need to hike to the top of a mountain, however, guys want to attain the peak in document time at the same time as ladies do not care how long it takes, placing greater significance on enjoying the attractions alongside the manner. In the stop, the sluggish manner may permit you to get extra out of a journey, due to the fact journey (like existence), is first-rate regarded as a journey in preference to a destination.


A commonplace query visible on many tour boards is “how secure is it to tour to X (one at the Latin American countries) as a solo lady visitor?” It is fully understandable why visiting alone to Latin America can appear an intimidating prospect, specifically in case you are a woman. However, ladies who have already been to this place of the arena know there is no need to post this sort of question. All of the international locations in Central and South America are normally secure to visit as a solo girl visitor. There are, but, some regions that pose a chance and those have to be averted.

Many of the big towns in Latin America have regions that aren’t especially perfect and you have to keep on with the primary traveler or modern-day elements of those towns in case you visit them. This includes all the primary cities in Central America (i.E. Belize City, Guatemala City, Managua, Mexico City, Panama City, San Jose, San Salvador and Tegucigalpa). There are also certain components of South American cities that should be avoided which include Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Caracas in Venezuela. As with the big towns in Central America, stick with the touristy regions and you’ll be first-class. You must additionally take care when traveling precise areas of positive countries together with in Colombia and Venezuela. For example, it isn’t always a very good idea to loaf around the border regions of Colombia or travel to obscure, off the beaten tune locations. Although Colombia and Venezuela get a few horrific press they’re each fairly secure to go to in case you persist with the pinnacle tourist destinations stated in legit journey publications. If someplace is mentioned in a reputable guidebook, it’s far almost certainly secure to go to.

This ends in an important factor within the dialogue. It may be very smooth to get paranoid approximately touring positive international locations and cities however that is completely unwarranted. Remember, it’s most effective certain parts of these international locations and towns which are nice avoided, just as certain components of cities in Europe or North America are great averted. In reality, traveling round maximum of Latin America is a long way more secure, and extra nice, than journeying round many components of Europe or North America. Additionally, as Susan Griffith rightly factors out in ‘Travelling Solo as a Woman in Asia’ “there’s a pernicious mythology surrounding the lone lady traveler, whether it be as a hitchhiker around Britain or a traveler in Southeast Asia. Many people immediately exaggerate the perils and live on a single girl’s vulnerability. Often this doom-ridden reaction is simply an excuse for his or her personal timidity of spirit.” Don’t get paranoid: the nations of Latin America are not any extra risky than many other nations in this world, and in reality, you are much more likely to stumble upon problems in some European international locations or North American states.

Referring back to the conventional query visible on journey boards (i.E. How secure is it to travel to X as a solo lady visitor) it’s far well worth citing the duties and abilities of the individual. Safety is inherently linked to understanding and experience. Whenever making plans a journey to Latin America or anywhere else within the global, it’s far genuinely crucial you do your research. Try and find out as an awful lot facts as you can approximately the united states or countries you desire to go to. Travel guides such as those produced with the aid of Lonely Planet and Footprint will help making a decision which locations you want to go to and people you may want or should avoid. The net is also a useful source of facts and there are many websites dedicated to the worries of solo female travelers. We often pay attention humans described as being ‘streetwise;’ if the definition become implemented to journey in place of the urban surroundings, a few travellers might be easily be labelled as ‘travelwise’ (i.E. Having the wise consciousness, revel in, and resourcefulness needed for survival in a difficult, frequently dangerous overseas environment). Travel experience (mainly within the 0.33 global) is going an extended manner in making sure protection. This is because people with enormous travel experience evaluate danger more effectively and length up conditions extra correctly. Thus, it is truthful to mention that typical safety is partially depending on the qualifications (age, understanding and enjoy) of the individual posing the query.

To a huge diploma safety is without a doubt a case of being sensible and staying alerted. For example, flaunting objects inclusive of expensive cameras, jewelry, or mobile phones is probable to draw opportunist thieves. Similarly, placing your day p.C. On the bags rack of a public bus in place of keeping it in your lap or by means of your feet is requesting problem. The key message right here does not take any unnecessary dangers. You may fancy a late paddle on Copacabana seaside (Rio de Janeiro) but any guidebook will inform you not to visit this vicinity after darkish. You may need to hit the bars and clubs in Quito but leave your valuables in your lodge. You might need to get drunk within the nearest disco, however, don’t try strolling back to your lodge late at night. It’s all a remember of not unusual experience truely.

The main problem for solo female travelers is the risk of sexual harassment from nearby men or even male guests. While male guests is probably a problem on events, you need to be aware of the cultural variations among Latin American men and those out of your personal u. S .. Machismo attitudes are fairly sizeable amongst Latin American guys and it’s miles advisable to comply with neighborhood exercise and take your cues (i.E. How do nearby girls deal with extended eye contact, and so forth) from a nearby woman if you don’t want to be the item of curiosity. Appropriate get dressed and behavior will entice much less unwanted attention from the nearby men. It is a sad reality that many neighborhood men view Western women as promiscuous. This influence is largely due to how a few ladies get dressed. Acting drunk and a piece wild is likewise bound to create the form of hobby you are trying to keep away from. You need to stability your feel of adventure with an awareness of cultural differences. It is likewise vital which you listen to and believe your instincts. If you’re in a state of affairs that makes you sense uncomfortable as a girl, you want to observe your instincts and leave.


Most nations in Latin America are properly established at the ‘gringo trail,’ subsequently, there’ll continually be possibilities to hook up with other travelers. This will substantially lessen any problem you would possibly get. This need to not deter any lady from traveling alone as this may be a profitable and empowering revel in. There might be nothing extra fulfilling to a solo female visitor than understanding the sold her own direction.

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