How to ensure that your next mortgage broker recruitment is the best: Tips to recruit the best one

If you’re playing of recruiting a mortgage broker whether you’re a small business, a financial services company or a mortgage franchise, its not an easy task. In order to get the recruitment process right ultimately means the big difference between hours of wasted energy, time and resources. If in the past you have done it the wrong way, you will know very well that how much of time, stress and energy it can really cause.

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For finding, hiring and attracting an excellent mortgage broker in today’s modern landscape requires you to take a strategic approach. The times have changed since the GFC, when the opportunities in mortgage broking were very tough to secure where candidates would almost throw themselves at employers just to get the job. But now its very difficult to hire and retain high quality talent which means people who will thrive and succeed which in turn would make your business thrive.

Here are the top 5 tips to ensure that you hire the best mortgage broker:

  1. Build an attractive offering

Does your business offer to a candidate something unique and special? An attractive remuneration model, a sound business model and a supportive culture with an opportunity to develop skills and excel? The ability to offer something truly attractive is the most important factor in finding and securing the best mortgage brokers. Its also important to be aware of what’s going on in the market and keep yourself up to date or else you’ll be left behind. You can do this by contacting other businesses and individuals or doing some online research.

  1. Communicate your clear vision

Do you know where your business is going? Everyone wants to be part of an organised, well structured business. The plans for your future will get them excited. Make sure you engage the candidates on who you are and where you’re going. By clearly communicating your vision you will attracy more candidates.

  1. Always be proactive

The old days of filling job openings by posting an ad online are gone. The best mortgage brokers for your business might not be looking for joining your company because they are well content in their current jobs. In many cases the managers of great mortgage brokers know other businesses will try to recruit their best employees. You can keep them contented too by providing flexible work environment and a good pay.

  1. Finding your secret sauce

You have to think like your successful competition:

  • What make them so special?
  • How are they attracting good talent?
  • What is their marketing strategy?
  • What are they doing to
  1. The gut feel test

If you’re not sure about somebody’s attitude, future aspirations and motivation, then its better to just walk away. Although a good candidate requires you to mold the business to suit their needs, be careful not to overdo it because it will actually do more harm than good. If you’re unsure about the candidate, don’t invest in him.


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