Pakistani Blogger Put Husband in a Burqa to Make a Point About Gender Roles

 Pakistani Blogger Put Husband in a Burqa to Make a Point About Gender Roles

It is usually refreshing, albeit rare, to watch someone certainly ‘wreck the patriarchy’ as the adage now stands. A couple of married Pakistani bloggers have long gone ahead and done just that with a new Instagram post going viral for the proper reasons. The Newly Weds is an Instagram account run by a married couple who call themselves “activists” working for “Bettering relationships for a better network” on their Insta bio. And they’ve released a picture that is triumphing hearts all around. In it, a lady may be seen grinning from ear to ear beside a person she calls her husband. It gave the impression that they had each eaten at a restaurant. Only twist? He became the one wearing the burqa.

The post, which is blatantly about attacking gender roles, gender stereotyping, and misogyny, becomes followed by using the wittiest caption. Here’s the entire post: “This is my lovely husband. You cannot see how stunning he is because I ensure he maintains his splendor (study: identity) hidden as I am the only authentic harder. Everything he is, all his achievements, dreams, all of his skin existence, he owes it to me. Any namehram’s Nazar is haraam on him, so I select the life at domestic as the arena is a horrific area.


However, it’s miles good enough when he goes out with me. I took him to dinner at @madroostapk final night time. We best go there because they use steroid-unfastened birds, and we are very health conscious, especially after knowing how to boom hormone-injected chook, which can affect fertility. I don’t need his potency to be changed because his primary motive is to present me with a youngster and make me a mother. So irrespective of what, I handiest deliver him to consume out here. I Love how he modestly hides at the same time as going out, as he’s khuli tijori, and I wouldn’t need him to get molested. Even ,if he gets molested, we can be given that as iqamah and desire that the abuser be punished in akhirah.

Onn the other hand, I can roam around and loiter on my own, in my chadda banana, in my tank pinnacle in my spaghetti strap pinnacle, or maybe shirtless due to the fact I am a girl. I am no longer afraid of different ladies. They will now not attack me. And even if they do, I will no longer speak about it as it will show me vulnerable and defenseless in front of the complete extensive global. A lady is not presupposed to be susceptible; you realize we were created to be robust and macho. Also, I permit him to exit to work and power because I strongly believe in inequality. However, looking at na-mahrams and interacting with them in any manner is strictly prohibited. It is my responsibility to make sure those practices as a pious husband are my key to Jannah; how will I get to sleep with 70 virgins within the afterlife, warna? Also, images and all are likewise haraam, but we had to try this to train you all and save you from qabar ke saanp and jahannum ki Aag.

Where’s my medal?”

Theput-upp has been inspiring the blogger’s admiration on Instagram. You are so courageous to do this, woman!! Massive respect,” one Instagrammer wrote. “Wish you all the very nice. You are a fantastic reformer,” wrote another. In any other publication, a video, the husband may be seen protecting a female’s bag. The accompanying publication talks about how it’s far okay for men to hold their better half bags, assist them with chores, and be excellent. It went on to feature that such acts did not make guys “lesser” or their better halves the “ol’ ball and chai,n” but as a substitute, both husband and wifewere more equal and mutually reputable within the relationship.

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