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A lot of people tend to visit the Caribbean for its breathtaking beaches, but do you know it is made up of an archipelago of over five thousand? It consists of Puerto Rico, Aruba, Haiti, Tobago, St.Maarten, Bonaire, etc. and every isle is worth the visit.

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No matter which place you travel to, there are certain aspects like transportation, food, sightseeing that you must research on thoroughly in advance. Every destination has its own charm, and if you plan it well, then you get to see all of it. Now, if you are planning to visit the Caribbean anytime sooner then here is a list of things you should know.


Choose cruise if you wish to travel to the Caribbean. There are commercial cruise ships that offer multiple island visits on a single trip, it is the most economical way to see the many islands.

However, if you want to spend some quality time at each port of call and want to relax, then, you can do it on American airlines or Jetblue. Furthermore, if you plan to travel with your friends and family, then you can even hire a yacht with a captain who will help you sail from island to another.

Once you reach the island and check-in to your desired resort or hotel, then you may use public transportation to get around. Check with your resort for taxi services, most of them have their own services to help their guests travel in and around the island. Also, if you are up for a new adventure, then get on the local bus system but make sure you understand all the travel expenses beforehand.


As you know, the Caribbean has been in the history of the Atlantic slave trade, you will get to see a lot of stone forts; therefore, from the European colonial era. There are not just plantations but the history of the pirates who were attracted to the maritime trade. Further cities like port royal and Tortuga in Haiti have a deep-rooted history. The Caribbean has past, and with each changing history, they have a variety of cuisines. The Caribbean food includes a bit of African, European as well as native Caribbean taste. However, sea-food, sugarcane, cocoa, and various tropical fruits are a huge part of their cuisine. While for drinks, the Caribbean is home to a variety of beer, fruit wine, and rum. Even though it is not safe to drink and eat anywhere and everywhere, but in the Caribbean, you will always have something tasty to gorge into.


If you are visiting the Caribbean then it definitely means that you are looking forward to some aquatic activities, you cannot enjoy the Carribean unless you deep dive into the ocean to find out the various underwater creatures. Aruba has the best fit location for such activities, so take a scuba dive or snorkel your way into the ocean.

Like already discussed, the food is impeccable, and you just have to sample the specialties of your chosen destination. They produce high-quality luxuries at meager prices. So take a food tour. Not just food, Caribbeans are blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna, the government and localities have made a collective effort to preserve and encouraged ecotourism. Parks like the Caroni Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad & Tobago and the Cayman Islands’ Cayman Turtle Farm are well worth the visit.

Lastly, just make sure to choose a professional tourism company to plan your Caribbean holiday trip with.

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