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Popular Glass Types – Features and Applications

Written by Dennis Bailey

Glass has existed from the first century and also put to use for various architectural purposes since then. It has always seemed like an item of luxury that took huge resources, brilliant skills and immense energy to be produced. When combined with steel, it becomes a symbol of affluence and grandeur. This is why it is successfully used for construction and architecture purpose in engineering.

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Before heading to the different types of glasses, you should first understand the commendable properties of a glass which makes it what it is.

  • Transparency: It is the most vital aspect of a glass that allows you to see the world through it. It can be from either sides or single side only.
  • Strength: Though the glass is very fragile in nature, adding certain laminates and admixtures can make the glass strong and less brittle.
  • Workability: The glass can be worked upon in different ways. It can be molded into a variety of shapes or even blown during the melting process.
  • Recyclability: Glass can be easily recycled. Any sorts of waste or broken glass can be used again as a raw material.

Read further to get information on different types of glasses available in the market –

  1. Clear Glass

Also known as float glass or soda lime glass, clear glass is manufactured by annealing the molten glass. As its name suggests, clear glass is completely flat and clear, so it causes glare. It has a natural color and 100% transparency which make it suitable for windows, doors, shop fronts, shelves, etc.

  1. Tinted Glass

This type of glass is basically a colored glass. It is produced by mixing color producing ingredients with the normal glass mix to give it a unique color without affecting its properties. It saves energy and also improves the exterior appearance of the buildings. You would often find them in green, blue, black, yellow, and a few more colors.

  1. Toughened Glass

This type of glass is known as tempered glass. It is stronger than normal glass and is used where safety is required. It is produced with additional strength to withstand wind, snow or thermal loads. You will see these glasses incorporated in fire resistant doors, mobile screen protectors, staircase handrails and as partitions in airports and resorts.

  1. Shatterproof Glass

It is a high-security glass created with polyvinyl butyral (a type of plastic) bonded between its layers. It has such a high tear strength and rigidity that it can withstand unexpected rainstorms and cyclones. It is mostly used in the skylight, window, flooring, etc.

  1. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a combination of two or more layers of normal glass and is heavier than all other types of glass. It is highly thick and soundproof. It obstructs harmful UV rays and is best used in aquariums, staircases, bridges, glass facades, etc. You can also go for custom laminating to create sophisticated design concepts for your project while keeping the functionality intact.


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