The Most Important Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed By A Professional Land Surveyor

 The Most Important Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed By A Professional Land Surveyor

Below are some essential reasons you require a land surveyor’s professional assistance to survey your property.

To Determine Boundary Lines

Among the foremost two reasons why a homeowner needs the assistance of land, a surveyor is to determine the distinction between the boundary lines and the related lines of possession of the land, which constitutes a major piece of data when you are on your way to constructing a fence or a boundary wall with your neighbors. Additionally, this is crucial if you are making a driveway or a sunroom on your residential premises. Although you can discuss the boundary of the land with your neighbors, it is always recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional land surveyor to eliminate all chances of disputes, legal and otherwise, that might arise in the future. It is widespread to see that the homeowners and their neighbors operate on false assumptions regarding land demarcation. To have your property fenced, you must be extremely accurate regarding these numbers. As most of us are not qualified to undertake this job with the highest accuracy, we need a land surveyor for this purpose. The boundary line certification would also help you achieve legal closure that the perimeters of your property are, in fact, correct.


If You Have A Particular Kind Of Terrain

If in case your residential premises are strewed with overlaps, gaps, and gores, you must seek the help of a professional land surveyor who will endow you with a boundary line certification that would serve as a legal statement for the resolution and elimination of any discrepancies that might find their way when it comes to the determination of the boundary lines of your property and that of your neighbors. This comes into play, especially when you have a property near a highway, a busy road, alleys, etc.


As the property owner, you will encounter terms like rights of way, abandoned areas, and easements about the legal domain. With the help of a professional land surveyor, you would be acquainted with all the regulations and conditions expected to be followed by law. It would also manifest itself in your property title report and other legal agreements that you have. For instance, if in case your property is such that it impedes your neighbor’s access to the main road, you might be encountering the terminology by the name of an old agreement, more commonly known as an “easement,” which would give your neighbor the right to walk across your property to the main road without it being considered as trespassing.

Underwater Sources

A common land survey report would only include water sources found on the land’s surface, like streams, wells, lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks, whether on your property yo,  you’re neighbor’s, or the boundaries of both premises. However, you would require the services of a professional land surveyor to determine the legal state of belonging for sources of underground water as well as wetlands, as they are competent to handle the situations, thanks to their experience and training in this arena. If you need the services of a professional and reputable land survey for your property, you can solicit the services of Avanti Surveying Inc.

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