This Life Is an Audition for the Next

 This Life Is an Audition for the Next

I am frequently asked, “What is my cause in life?” “Why am I right here?” “What does God have deliberate for me?” even though I have touched on some of these subjects before, I feel that it’s necessary to encompass some of them together virtually because of the gross false impression of this vital challenge to many human beings.

Audition for the Next

Some people in no way seem to honestly make a sizeable effort at lifestyles, preferring rather to lollygag around in existence and wait for something excellent to show up to you or die. I assume a good deal of that is due to incorrect ideas about God which have been taught, no longer best in church buildings, nonsecular institutions, and their deceptive spiritual dogma but additionally in colleges, in “self-help” books, and by using psychologists and scientists alike making life seem with none particular purpose and pointless. It looks like there ought to be a few mysteries, hidden, elusive, which means to existence which can by no means be located by way of the normal individual, and that regardless of how tough you attempt, you are certain to be met by way of frustration, failure, and ultimate demise and positive destruction, but that is a long way from the truth.

This kind of outlook is primarily based in part on a few distorted concepts that the universe is in a few ways pre-decided in its movements, set into motion through a distant and capricious god with them to be had electricity beginning to expand at the very second advent became completed and destined to crumble in a few very last cataclysmic event at some time in the destiny, with all lifestyles as you understand it ending with destruction and extinction and you on your present life, meeting with something quite comparable handiest on a greater immediately time scale.

With this kind of destiny to look ahead to, it’s no surprise that humans can fall into malaise and melancholy, believing that life has no actual means and that personal extinction awaits at their loss of life. Hence, it in no way occurs to them that by dwelling on their lifestyles the best they can inside their private capability and obstacles, they’re enjoying life’s necessities by surely BEING. You tend to think that serious, physical accomplishments are required to satisfy your cause to God for supplying you with energy. If that had been the case, there would be no desire for people who die in childbirth or soon afterward.

Lives come and pass, now not that every existence isn’t crucial, because they are crucial, and destiny would not end with demise. In a way, dying is one massive step into destiny, or in this example, the continuation of a future already started. There are a few essential reasons for the existence you are now experiencing. You can not blame your lifestyle on a few unintentional sexual come upon in a moment of passion after a party using your dad and mom. No lifestyles are ever started with the aid of coincidence, and you could rightly say that no life is ever all started that changed into something not already anticipated by way of your Soul or Entity. Creating a new personality is severe to the Soul, and it does not gently take that responsibility.

You got her into this lifestyle with a plan you created earlier than you were born, which you intentionally prompted yourself to overlook. This is for practical motives that need to do with confronting and responding to activities without a pre-existing certainty of the anticipated final results. Otherwise, the results might be laid low with that preceding know-how, and there would be no need to strive to gain.

You are speculated to create, revel in, and study from the entirety of your life touches. In so doing, grow in love and creativity and the method, enlarge your focus, and fulfill your reason in life, but you need to do all of this with no earlier know-how than you wrote the script for the “drama” of your lifestyles. No life starts without reason or a theme, and yours is not exclusive. (See an article on August 14, Life Themes throughout Time.)

Now, in case you don’t believe that life maintains after bodily death, then what I say from right here on will keep little meaning for you, but if you do think as you ought to that existence is everlasting, you have enough purpose of attempting to recognize the significance of what you do on this existence, and by doing so, give it new which means.

You are essentially in this existence, auditioning for your subsequent life, or should I say, laying the basis for your next fact, and what you do right here will have an effect on the “drama” of your subsequent existence that you will once more write and act out once again on this bodily global. Another time, like the absent-minded professor, you will forget that you wrote the script. One exception is if you are prepared to adapt to the bodily device and discover new demanding situations in more developed systems. In those cases, life maintains handiest on plenty of one-of-kind phrases than now.

The life you are living now with all of its challenges, heartaches, tragedies, successes, loves, hates, and accomplishments are colored and shaded by your (ultimate existence revel in) so that you can count on if your present life is full of problems and tragedies, it’s miles at least partly due to the fact you place it up that manner through your movements in a past existence.

Of course, I am referring here to reincarnation, and I might propose that in case you supply little regard to your moves on this existence. You definitely can’t rail at the heavens, cursing God for the troubles you’ll stumble upon in your subsequent physical life. Your overall enjoyment of this existence results from movements in preceding lives, and if this life is much less than you desire, you may blame nobody but yourself. Reoccurring issues may not surface within the next lifestyles; however, in a way, you can say that “the piper has to be paid” someplace, even though the time and place can be centuries within the destiny in remote lands.

I am no longer referring to the “Karma” impact as it applies to misdeeds, as a great deal as I am speaking approximately a herbal drift of life from one life to another. You will live again in every different age, as another man or woman, perhaps every other gender, every other race, a brand new call, and a brand new personality; however, you’ll maintain the internal “You” of you and the equal identification and which can never be assailed or dwindled. Sometimes, I, in reality, wish I could sit someone down and shake them and make them keep in mind that they’re inherent of properly intent. They are no longer born in sin. They may be eternal beings, yet many write to me expressing the little wish to continue lifestyles after physical loss of life.

When you act in the gift, your actions are not simplest applicable for your everyday lifestyle and your accumulated series of reviews on this bodily body in this lifestyle, but turn into indelible in your general psychic series of personal facts, recorded in electrical and chemical fields perpetually and may be genetically drawn on in future existences. No “Important” memory is ever lost from one life to another. The knowledge of preceding lives is genetically coded in the chromosomes of your present frame. However, conscious information about them will continue to be hidden for lots of motives, one of them being that you have enough hassle handling the enjoyment of one lifetime at a time, let alone the knowledge of many lives. You would truly be crushed and swamped with statistics that your focus couldn’t preserve.

No movement or enjoyment is ever lost or out of place either, and your first notion as a toddler still exists nowadays and is as actual in its area as a rock to your garden. No idea, concept, or image is ever misplaced, and nothing is wasted inside the complete universe. It then behooves you to stay in this existence, no longer cautiously, but with exuberance, assured that you, in your present-day actions, are laying an awesome basis for a “Life to Come” within the future. All that is expected is that you do as well as you can.

I am not inferring here that you must be a do-gooder, a non secular icon, on foot softly and talking quietly with your head hung in submissive subservience to God. I no longer suggest you spend your Sundays groveling on your knees in holy reverence in a church. I am now not even announcing that you ought to learn inspiring religious quotations within the Bible, Dao, or Tao, or hunker down in some mountaintop cave or monastery dwelling your life in seclusion, considering your navel.

I suggest you live your existence to the fullest inside your scope of cognizance to the advantage of yourself and your compatriots and the first-rate of your competencies, inflicting no damage on others. Direction consists of all residing attention, i.e., the animals and creatures sharing the planet with you. In this manner, you’re setting up the outlet act for your next existing drama, and you might not be disenchanted with the effects.

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