Some memories of childhood never fade. Remember how you took your mommy’s or daddy’s glasses and act all grown up? But now you are an actual grown-up. And it would be best if you read and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. One needs sunglasses on sunny days year-round. If you don’t protect your eyes from the sun rays, it may lead to many problems such as cataracts where your vision starts to blur. It is said that 20% of cataracts are caused due to exposure to sunlight. Macular degeneration and pterygium are other diseases that are caused due to such exposure. People often get skin cancer of the eye when consistently exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if you want yourself to get protected from all this, make sure to buy sunglasses. Buying sunglasses is not that easy as it may sound, but these golden tips can help you sail through.



Step one to choose the right sunglass is to look for a sunglass that provides you at least 99% protection from the UV rays. Most sunglasses have a label that provides you information on UV protection but always makes sure you don’t buy those sunglasses readily available in the flea market as they are not reliable. Going to an optician or a mall store is way better as they are more secure and they make sure that you buy sunglasses and not some colored plastic.


The sunglass size is another factor to look into as it provides greater coverage and therefore protects your skin and eyes wholly. This will prevent the rays from reaching your eyes and area around it easily. The closer the fit to your face, the better chances of blocking out the light. Furthermore, the shape is inversely correlated to your face. If you have a round face, you should always choose an opposite shape like square sunglasses. Make sure the shape defines your features. Angles feature with angle-shaped sunglasses and curved for curved features.


The color of the lens doesn’t show different colors but has specific purposes. There are clear and darker lenses, but they’re also tinted lenses that help in a certain setting like a grey tint, adjusts brightness without any color distortion,n while brown lenses enhance contrast by blocking the blue light. At the same time, red or orange tint is good on overcast days. Further, your tint can also be based on your eye color.


Quality is based on many things, but most importantly, it is based on the features of sunglasses. Suppose you are squinting from glare, which means that the sunglass isn’t doing its job well. The most important feature of a sunglass is to protect you from harmful UV rays, and a polarised lens sunglass protects you from the same. Therefore make sure to buy a sunglass that is UV Protected. In addition to this, if your jaw is strong, try to buy a sunglass that can balance it with a heavier top bar. Bridge, eyebrow, and undertone are other factors that should be looked upon while buying a sunglass.

Buying sunglasses that are too small or too big can let in light from certain sides. Therefore, check your fit and consult a good optician or ophthalmologist before buying a sunglass and also follow these tips to ensure you get the best sunglasses available in the market.

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