Top 4 Tips to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity

Written by Dennis Bailey

A bathroom is usually the smallest area of the home and has to be designed in the most creative way. The aesthetics aren’t the only thing that matters, the functionality of all the elements has to be focused too.

The kind of vanity unit you choose can make or break the whole appearance of the bathroom, which is why you have to get it right in the first time. Here are some amazing tips to help you find a perfect bathroom vanity set based on your unique requirements and the space available.

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Assess your Needs

The type of vanity you choose largely depends upon the people who are going to use it and the purpose for which they want it. For instance, if you are revamping the bathroom for you and your family, vanity with a single sink and faucet would be a complete mess. You would need at least two sinks for easy routine. However, if you live alone then anything smaller will work great for you.

Additionally, you have to evaluate whether you will be using your vanity for other purposes as well like doing makeup or hairdos. If yes, then you obviously require more space to store your things properly.

Determine your Layout

The vanity you buy should complement the floor plan of your bathroom seamlessly. You should place it in a way that it doesn’t become an obstacle or block your bathroom’s traffic. Moreover, the existing plumbing of your bathroom should be considered to decide how big the vanity can be and what will the most suitable place to keep it.

Bear in mind that vanity requires some space around it (for doors) to function appropriately. Hence, consider the architectural features before deciding any spot for the vanity.

Choose a Sink Style

Sinks are available in a variety of styles. You can either match it with a countertop or create a color contrast. Some of the most popular types of sinks are Undermount, Vessel, Drop in, and Integrated. The undermount sinks are installed below the counter for a seamless top whereas the vessel sink is placed on top of the counter. The drop in sinks have their edges resting on the counter and the basin inside. The integrated sinks are the ones that are incorporated with the countertops itself.

All of these styles have their own benefits and add unique aesthetics to the bathroom.

Opt for Customized Designs

While there are ample of designs when it comes to bathroom vanities, the designers suggest going for custom made designs to enjoy greater efficiency. Investing in customized bathroom vanities gives you better quality in terms of designs and storage and can also save you unwanted expenses and regrets later in the future.

You can get enormous design styles and configurations in custom vanities and get it personalized just the way you want.

Your vanity is more important than you may even think as it determines the whole looks of your bathroom. By considering the above-mentioned tips, you are surely going to make the right choice.

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