Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins

 Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins

1. All In One search engine marketing Pack

This plugin is my cross-to search engine optimization Optimization device for WordPress. Other than the integrated “permalink” service, that is, in reality, a have to have in your internet site to fare well in Google (and other) search rankings. The All In One search engine optimization Pack enables you to format the titles on each unmarried web page, which I see because the maximum vital feature for purchasing ranked properly in searches. Notice how every page on theNetFool.Com displays The Net Fool”? You can format your weblog like this with All In One!

This plugin goes some distance past simply converting around titles. You may find quite a lot alternate around whatever with the meta descriptions of your postings, your chosen keywords that display up in seek outcomes, and even the ability to “nofollow” posts/pages of your choosing. To get your website to seek engine optimization, you want a tool like All In One search engine marketing... And this one’s actually FREE 😀

2. OIO Publisher

I currently discovered this terrific WordPress plugin that “advertisements” a whole new functionality in your WordPress blog. Of route, I am speaking about OIO Publisher, which permits you to run your personal advert provider. Human beings should purchase ad slots to your page, pay through PayPal, and spot their advertisements appear robotically! This one will run you a $37 one-time charge, but it’s miles well worth it. It’s been known as the “remaining income platform” for your weblog, and it is a lot less expensive than the options, which could fee over $one hundred.

Gone are the times you need to pay other offerings a percent of your sales to allow them to run your advert service. OIO Publisher is a winner in my eyes. The consumer interface could be very smooth to apprehend, and they have an entire marketplace set up, which you gain access to once you pay for the plugin. This will permit you to run the whole lot from inline commercials and banner commercials to subsidized posts and textual content hyperlinks. If you have a digital object to sell, you can use OIO to address the processing as properly. If you are serious approximately monetizing your blog, purchase this plugin.

3. Akismet

There is a motive that this unsolicited mail-assassin comes with each WordPress set up. Before I changed into the usage of Akismet, I had by way of comment moderation putting so that I had to approve the whole lot that came my way. Gone are the times where that is wanted. Akismet is loose to apply as long as you are not a primary agency and is essentially an entire unsolicited mail community that builds on itself. Whenever unsolicited mail is identified on your comments, it’s miles added to the Akismet database and will by no means hassle you again. It has stuck over 150 messages when you consider that I actually have started its usage and is a have-to-have for any critical blogger.

I had the unlucky enjoyment of being labeled as spam in the past. This truly does not appear to more than five% of commenters, but as quickly as I despatched an e-mail to the moderators at Akismet, they cleared it up for me, and I have not had any problems given that :). With this setup, you really do not have to fear approximately your remarks being out of line once more!

4. Related Posts

There are several “associated put up” plugins to be had free of charge through WordPress. In my opinion, the exception of that is the WASABI Related Entries plugin. This is certainly an ought to have a choice on your blogs. Not only does it appear incredible and inspire your readers to stay for your internet site, but it acts as an exquisite search engine marketing device using linking your internet site collectively for simpler indexing! Again, there are tons of clones claiming to be the original and great. I don’t virtually know enough to mention which was the primary, but I think the WASABI version is the most practical, so I inspire you to check it out first!


Having an associated posts option is surely a pleasant addition to any weblog web page. If you do not already have one up and running, I propose getting on and sticking it either below your content material (and above comments) or somewhere in your sidebar. This one’s a winner!

5. Subscribe Remind

Don’t fall for the over-hyped paid plugins that declare to reinforce your subscriptions like loopy; all you actually need is this hidden gem Subscribe Remind. You’ve probably visible. This was implemented on other popular blogs. This does attach an “If you like this post, subscribe to my RSS feed!” text hyperlink around all your weblog posts and above your feedback. This may additionally appear to be a no-brainer, and truly, it must be. This small and simple plugin is an excellent approach to grow the number of subscribers on your weblog web page.

Following the essential method, “I’m going to bother the heck out of you till you subscribe,” Subscribe Remind really does paintings. With an increasing number of people on the net subscribing to RSS information feeds, it is essential which you have an effortlessly on-hand choice for readers to join your blog feed. Overall, I locate it unobtrusive and a top-notch technique to boom your subscriber matter :D!


Using these plugins all but guarantees a boost in visitors and subscribers to your blog. By installing and using All In One search engine marketing Pack, OIO Publisher, Akismet, Related Posts, and Subscribe Remind, you will encourage users to subscribe, comment and purchase commercials. Not most effective this, however you may even see higher outcomes from search engines like Google and Yahoo! Sure, these tools are not a quit-all treatment for a horrible website, but as long as you are a lively blogger with an exciting cognizance.

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