What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

 What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

The amount you spend on car insurance in the US varies across regions. Unlike other states, in Massachusetts (MA), your credit history, age, and gender do not determine your car insurance rate. Here, besides your extent of coverage, driving record, ZIP code, and marital status are top considerations while calculating this rate.

A no-fault insurance system is applicable in MA, whereby your insurance company compensates for damages irrespective of which party is at fault. Approaching a reputed agency like https://www.lopriore.com/car-insurance-massachusetts/ that represents multiple insurance providers offers you variety through automobile coverage options.

Car Insurance

Massachusetts’ state requires your auto insurance and health plan to be in sync to process car accident medical claims. Investing a minimum of $8000 in personal injury protection (PIP) is a mandate in MA to pay for:

Drivers in MA are not obliged to produce proof of auto insurance as the cops can electronically confirm the same online. The absence of valid car insurance is a serious offense that attracts a fine roughly between $500 to $5000. Your driving license can also be suspended, and you may be sentenced to one year in jail. Reinstating your suspended license requires you to pay an additional fee. On average, you pay $1,097 per year towards car insurance in Massachusetts. You can source a broad range of auto coverage from experienced agents like https://www.lopriore.com/car-insurance-massachusetts/, where you can even avail of special discount offers. Some common types of car insurance policies with their corresponding average premiums are enumerated here:

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

In Massachusetts, the average yearly premium for bodily injury liability insurance is $623.01. This coverage is a prerequisite for MA drivers as it compensates others when you cause a crash or damage their property. Opting for higher levels of liability insurance safeguards your assets from lawsuits. The minimum mandatory coverage is listed here:

  • For injuries per person, $20,000
  • To cover all injuries per accident, $40,000
  • For property damage, $5000

Collision Insurance

This coverage will pay for any damage caused to your vehicle when you hit another car or an object. The average premium per year for collision insurance in MA works out to $408.17. You can make a corresponding claim in the following instances:

  • Someone dents your parked car and drives off.
  • You swerve to avoid an oncoming vehicle or animal and hit a pole
  • Your car slides on icy terrain and hits a guardrail

Having collision insurance comes in handy not only when you accidentally damage your car but also in the eventuality of someone crashing into you. It, however, does not cover injuries sustained nor compensates you for valuables stolen from your vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance

Any non-crash damage to your vehicle caused by unfavorable weather, fire, or colliding with an animal is covered here. Besides, you can also claim under this coverage in cases of car theft and non-recovery of your stolen vehicle.

As your car ages, it decreases in value, making the comprehensive coverage also correspondingly lose its significance. It is worth assessing the potential benefits first and then taking an auto insurance policy in such cases. On average, you pay $139.30 in MA for comprehensive coverage. Massachusetts also has a provision for uninsured motorist coverage that pays you for injuries caused by a driver without car insurance. Along with you, others present in the car during the accident are also covered, whether family members or guest passengers. The minimum limits you must purchase under this policy are:

The busy Massachusetts roads demand a policy in place that covers you in an unfortunate event. A car insurance policy purchased from a reputed agency takes care of the cost of vehicular repairs and your medical bills.

Generally, the cost of your motor insurance policy rises with every additional coverage included. However, cheap car insurance policies do not protect you in the manner you hope they will. Favoring them may only result in you incurring massive debt and dealing with lengthy lawsuits.

As per MA laws, your auto insurance policy can be canceled if you:

  • Fail to pay your premium
  • Not initiate renewal formalities within the given timeframe
  • Misrepresent facts while applying or renewing your policy

Rely on a professional Massachusetts auto insurance provider to advise you on the policy that best compliments your lifestyle.

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