Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds also called synthetic diamonds, are gaining popularity with time. They are similar to natural diamonds in their composition. The only difference is that synthetic diamonds grow in labs and hence are man-made while natural diamonds grow under the earth naturally.

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Now, as you are keen to know why to choose synthetic diamonds,

Let us discuss their advantages:

1. They are not fake –

Synthetic diamonds are not hybrid and hence are not fake. They are not even substitutes.

2. Same as natural diamonds –

Their chemical, visual, and physical properties are the same as that of natural diamonds i.e., they have the same carbon structure. The difference between the two cannot be spotted by just looking at them or touching them. Also, after formation, both of them go through the same process of cutting. Only an expert using professional gemological equipment can screen and identify all types of Synthetic and Diamond-Simulants. The look of the diamond can only vary depending on the skill of the diamond cutter.

3. The technology to grow synthetic diamonds is getting better day by day –

With the advent of technology, the capabilities of forming synthetic diamonds are getting better. Now, the shape and size of the diamond can also be controlled. They have also gone from colored to colorless. With all this, the quality of the human-made diamond has improved a lot.

4. There is a good range in the market to select from –

There are a number of suppliers who offer range in colors of synthetic diamonds up to 10 carats. So for those who want to wear colored diamond, it can be the right choice. However, don’t forget to research about the supplier before making a purchase.

5. The industry of man-made diamonds is growing fast –

With the growth of this industry, the investment options have also grown. Right now, this industry is just 1% to 2% of the total diamond industry. But it is estimated that it will be 15% by 2020.

6. Lab-made diamonds are fast grown –

For one-carat cut diamond, it takes approximately three months to form. Whereas, the formation of natural diamonds takes thousands of years.

7. Low price as compared to mined diamonds –

Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. They have attained the quality level as that of natural ones, so buying them will be an affordable choice. Also, the price of synthetic diamonds is expected to decrease with time as they will grow in numbers.

8. Impact on the environment –

They make less use of water as compared to natural diamonds, and moreover, no volcanic eruptions are required. Many labs have started using solar systems for their formations. Thus they are almost seven times less impactful to the environment. In the case of mined diamonds, nearly 100 sq ft of land is disturbed, and, 6000 lbs. of mineral waste is generated.

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