World Cup 2014, From Brazil to the Internet

 World Cup 2014, From Brazil to the Internet

Couldn’t make it to Brazil to look at the World Cup 2014? Not a massive problem! The World Cup is coming to you. Check these social media campaigns done by means of social networks and types that will help you follow up on this occasion on the line for a greater fun enjoy.


The return of the has flags: If you’ve got been a Twitter user and a football fan all through the 2010WC, you then, in reality, neglected the has flagged. Well, Twitter gave lower back to Twitter users what belongs to them. Hashflags reappear at some point of the World Cup 2014 (WC2014). For those who aren’t acquainted with this cool Twitter characteristic, here’s what you have to do to find out it: log in to Twitter, tweet a hashtag “#” accompanied by the primary 3 letters of your favorite group (instance: #BRA), and notice what takes place. Shakira changed into one of the first customers to use it this year, and that’s what she tweeted.


World Cup pages: Worried approximately missing out on an aim, a replace or information? The most adopted social networks, Facebook and Twitter, are supplying you their offerings for a better broadcasting. Facebook created a new World Cup Trending page permitting you to see all of the desires, highlights, information and to discuss them with football fanatics. Twitter came up with nearly the identical idea; by means of clicking at the hashtags #worldcup2014 or #worldcup, the social community redirects you to a WC2014 page displaying score updates, highlights, gamers and enthusiasts tweets.

World Cup of Tweets: Seeing Twitter’s current activities, they have to be sincerely excited about this global football opposition. Once more, Twitter strikes in with the exclusive interactive web page “World Cup of Tweets”. This mini website online switches the competition from Brazil to Twitter with its provocative and catchy phrase: “What if the World Cup had been gained by using mentions of each team on Twitter?” Vote to your favored crew, and offer it the chance to win the trophy… Online!

6 apps to observe the World Cup: The biggest worldwide football competition failed to go overlooked for cell apps developers. They too were given involved in optimizing your experience, whether or not you’re looking it from domestic, or you traveled to Brazil. From in shape and news updates to studying Portuguese while wandering in the land of the Amazon’s streets, these Six Apps to Fuel Your World Cup Fever (Chosen by using Mashable) might not assist you to miss one second of the WC2014.

Sony’s social media web site: Brace yourselves! The first World Cup social media web page is here. For all of you football passionates, Sony launched One Stadium Live, a digital platform to follow up on all furnishings and outcomes, further to satisfy the players of each crew. This website online features now not handiest informative factors, but additionally, acts, as cited earlier than, as a social media web page. Through it, you may be capable of hold up with all of the fans conversations associated with the WC2014, and to each crew.

Google tendencies and maps: Another appearance by using a large call in the digital industry. The largest seek engine makes his entry in the WC2014. Google was given us used to his roles in international occasions thru the Doodles on its homepage. But this time, this look entails Google Trends and Maps. Google World Cup Trends presents “a unique glimpse into what you need to realize for the duration of this tournament”. As for Google Maps, it takes you in the 12 stadiums used throughout the opposition, and also places you in the painted streets, which is one of Brazil’s match traditions.

Travel the World out of your Home


Back inside the 1970’s, I belonged to a world-extensive fraternal employer that had representatives for each of the 50 United States, and several overseas countries. I bear in mind being at a conference in Atlantic City, NJ, in which a synopsis of every consultant’s document was given by way of the leader of the organization, who prefaced her feedback with “I experience like I’ve traveled all around the world with out leaving my chair.”. The man or woman sitting subsequent to me commented: “See- she DOES smoke that humorous stuff!”.

Advances in technology have enabled us to have contact with human beings from everywhere in the globe. The World Wide Web offers us insights into the cultures and existence of people from other countries. So do television programs from different international locations.

As an American, I am surprised at how prudish we’re when it comes to sex and nudity! When nudity is proven, 99 percent of the time, it’s far girl nudity. Come on, we women like to appear, too! Just watch any European TV display, particularly the advertisements. Watch one of these unique “Uncensored Commercials” suggests that the networks have on occasion, and you will be amazed at the difference among the classified ads shown right here and abroad. Alas- the “Uncensored Commercials” display WILL censor the commercials to lead them to “appropriate” for viewing in the US. Footballers Wives is certainly one of my favored British suggests and suggests male and girl nudity, unabashed and uncensored.

Censorship has emerge as a huge hassle on the grounds that 2001, whilst the neocons took office. The requirements have become increasingly restrictive, and the penalties increasingly ridiculous. Janet Jackson’s infamous “cloth cabinet malfunction” throughout a Super Bowl halftime is a high example. Federal Communications Commission chief Michael Powell promised an investigation into whether CBS violated decency laws, with capacity fines of as much as $27,500 PER AFFILIATE WHICH AIRED THE GAME!! . If applied to each CBS station, the first-rate may want to attain into the millions. The FCC inside the United States is jogging rampant!! I cannot even enjoy watching South Park anymore- half of of the communicate is “bleeped” out. Soon, there can be not anything left on American TV however Mother Goose nursery rhymes. I know that children ought to be protected, but in the long run, it truly is the duty of the mother and father.

Another problem with getting a goal and uncensored television is media conglomeration. Nine organizations, usually the US owned, dominate the media international : AOL-Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, News Corporation, TCI, General Electric (owner of NBC), Sony (owner of Columbia and TriStar Pictures and essential recording pursuits), and Seagram (proprietor of Universal film and song interests). You might ask, “What is inaccurate with some groups turning into so large? Isn’t that how commercial enterprise works?” Focusing on democracy-improving ideas and the establishments wished for it including the media and journalism, the concern that arises is that there are very few media proprietors in the mainstream that attain out to the masses. As a result, there may be the danger of reducing the variety of problems and views and of political affect and pastimes from some affecting the many. We have visible this occurring on account that 2001 when the media seemed to be under tighter and tighter government control. To illustrate: at some point of the Vietnam War, the American public noticed photographs of conflict, and of flag-draped coffins returning with our bodies of soldiers slain in conflict. These snap shots had been “scrubbed” from the media insurance of the Iraqi conflict, probably at the behest of the “powers that be” in authorities. Why?

The American media did cover the current Tsunami and the devastation that it wrought in Asia. We had been told that the tsunami turned into due to an earthquake. What turned into NOT cited through the American media, but WAS mentioned with the aid of information assets in Greece, turned into that there have been some bomb tests off the coast of Thailand in the Indian Ocean only a few days earlier than the massive waves crashed ashore!! Again, here is authorities censorship of our media tightening the noose around our necks, and reducing off the flow of facts to our brains.

The most effective actual answer for the thinking person who desires to be completely informed is to get admission to information media from round the sector and evaluate notes on how information memories are presented by means of extraordinary broadcasters. Even if you simply want to be entertained, gaining access to tv suggests from different nations enriches the exceptional of existence.


In the wake of some of the maximum horrific chook flu pandemics inside the records of civilization, information has spread from state to nation like wildfire. People are starting to sense a feeling of worry that perhaps there is a possibility that a deadly disease should occur of their metropolis or town. The trendy bird flu news has been that many countries within the location of South East Asia are still under threat of any other outbreak. Many countries have taken the freedom of culling hundreds of lots of birds if you want to attempt to position a forestall to this deadly virus.

Some different hen flu news comes out of Africa wherein in Nigeria seven-hundred,000 birds have been culled since the modern outbreak in advance this year. The value of assignment the sort of massive termination of hen has reportedly valued the united states almost four.Five million, making it one of the maximum steeply-priced culls in history. Many experts consider that the termination of this many birds became, in reality, pointless and in doing so may want to genuinely reason greater troubles for the united states of America in phrases of expanded food shortages in the already poverty-bothered nation.

Previous bird flu news has been that Indonesia says it’ll separate chicken farms from residential areas as a move to prevent any more risky outbreaks in the destiny. Many people say that this can now not fully take away the threat of in addition epidemics in u . S . Because the negative state struggles through yet another difficult sickness troubled yr. It’s predicted that many greater Indonesian’s wills unfastened their lives in over the following couple of years because of hen flu notwithstanding tries to convey the virus below control.

In greater lightened news of chook flu, the European Union has these days began efforts to supply many nations who are struggling endemics, clean clinical materials as a try to quit one of the longest status influenza epidemics the arena has ever visible. Many humans are skeptical at this attempt and believe that a fair larger attempt ought to be taken if humanity id ever going to be freed from this devastating disease.

Other chook flu news is that experts are suggesting that China is the country at maximum danger of the next hen flu epidemic and says that extra caution needs to be taken whilst introducing hen to customers anymore. Many Asian international locations export bird and other chicken products back and forth and China accepts many country’s chickens do to it is an excessive call for to feed the most populated USA inside the world.

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