Four Easy Tricks to Spot Genuine Leather Belts

Leather has been a popular material used for men’s and women’s fashion accessories since ages. With the upsurging demand, it is now used for house furniture and car upholstery as well.

Leather is a symbol of status and persona. It is a desired choice of people as it is highly durable, water-resistant and stain-proof. It is hard to deny that leather looks ultra-classic and gives off the luxurious feels. However, with the advancing technology, you will find its synthetic dupes in the market sold at much cheaper price. Even if you are a premium buyer, you have to first ensure that what you invest in is original leather.

Talking about faux leather belts, they look as good as pure leather belts giving way to huge dilemma of differentiating between the two. Synthetic leather belts seemingly have the same appearance and texture and offer a similar level of durability and longevity. However, if you don’t wish to end up paying for diamonds but taking home shining stones, then this article is for you.

Here are some easy tricks to help you identify real leather and avoid those fancy faux options –

Look Out for Label

The products that are made of genuine leather proudly boast about it. So, if you see labels on belts that say ‘100 percent leather’ or ‘pure leather’, then there are high possibilities that they are so. Fake leather belts usually carry the labels saying ‘man-made material’ or may have no labels at all. At times, there can be misleading information on the product as well. So, be alarmed and ensure that you buy from a reputable brand only.

Rough Edges is the Key

A good way to identify genuine leather belts is by having a close look at its edges. Real leather is a natural material. Because it is derived from animal skin, it has got rough coarse edges, unlike faux leather that seemingly has perfect edges of plastic. Pure leather can never be uniform and will always have imperfections, which actually adds to the beauty of it.

Feel the Surface and the Texture

Genuine leather belts are constructed from natural material and when running your fingers across them, you will feel that they are not perfectly smooth like faux leather belts. By pressing their surface, they will stretch and develop wrinkles just like original animal skin. Also, they will have inconsistent pattern and flaws and even pores like human skin. On the other hand, synthetic belts will depress and remain in their shape.

Sniff the Belt

Another great way to pick a leather belt is by using your sense of smell. Real leather belts have a natural, organic, and skin scent whereas faux leather belts have a smell reminiscent of glue or plastic. Even if the leather belts are treated, they will always have that ‘leathery smell’ that cannot be accurately manufactured and incorporated for fake leather belts.