Water Fountain Cleaning Guide and Removing White Scale

Written by Rohit Shetty

If you do decide to renovate your home, one unique option would be to get a water fountain installed – either inside or outside your home. Water fountains will help add a breath of fresh air to your home, making it look different, classy, and unique. Having a water fountain is relatively affordable and will revitalize your home. If you do wish to change an aspect of your house, getting a water fountain would be a creative and aesthetically pleasing solution. However, there are certain responsibilities that come with owning a water fountain, because there is a certain amount of maintenance that is required. It is important to keep them in working order. The fountain must be cleaned regularly to avoid the growth of white scale and algae, to ensure the fountain continues working for as long as possible.

The water fountain should be cleaned about once a month, to keep the water clear and to keep the pump clean and free of algae. If you have a smaller, table-top fountain, then it is recommended that you clean the fountain once a month, to avoid algae growth. For larger fountains, it is possible for you to clean it once in two months, to ensure that the fountain continues to function at optimum performance.
When cleaning the fountain, remember to turn the fountain off, and remove the pump. Empty the water from the fountain, and clean the fountain using water and a non-abrasive sponge. Try using a mild soap while cleaning the fountain. Make sure that there are no water drops on the outside of the fountain, and make sure to scrub until all the white scale or algae growth is gone. Once the fountain is clean, rinse out any excess soap and dry the fountain, and replace the clean pump.
When cleaning the pump, make sure to use a small brush, or a toothbrush, to enter the small holes of the pump to remove any debris. Running water over the pump will also help push dirt and debris out.
When trying to remove white scale from the fountain, you can try and use a calcium lime remover, which is used for removing mineral deposits. Ensure that you scrub the fountain with a non-abrasive sponge while getting rid of white scale. Another option would be to use a mixture of vinegar and water – let this mixture sit in your fountain for a while before cleaning it off; this mixture will break down the white scale, making it easier to clean afterwards.

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