10 Key Content Marketing Tips for 2016 & Beyond

 10 Key Content Marketing Tips for 2016 & Beyond

If we were all honest with ourselves: content marketing is done to get conversions. Content creators tend to spend hours of time and energy making sure their content is compelling, creative, and, importantly, read and shared so leads and interested parties can convert. Given the regular changes of Google’s fine-tuned search engine algorithm, how fickle target audiences can be, and the changing popularity of mobile devices, content marketing can feel like a race to keep up. And let me tell you this: it’s a race that’s not going away soon. So how are you planning on maximizing your efforts in 2016 and beyond? We’ve put together 10 things to help you keep pace with the content evolution.

10 Content Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead of the Game

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1. Take Generation “C” Into Account (The Millennials)

“C” stands for connected. (Cisco defined this well, too.) This is the generation of 18 – 34-year-olds who have become responsible for over $500 billion in internet spending a year. And, in a couple of years, they’re going to make up the vast majority of the workforce.

Keyways to identify them:

  • They’re always connected
  • They don’t engage with traditional attempts by businesses to reach them
  • They trust and rely on friends’ recommendations
  • They won’t be pushed
  • They are looking for reasons to read and share

I wrote more about marketing to millennials here.

2. Keep Your Brand Genuine

Both the current and future generation of your target market wants the truth. They want to find out who you are and who they’re doing business with. They want to know who is behind the brand.

3. It’s Time to Get a Cause

Today’s customers aren’t worried about how much something costs – to them, the value of being part of a cause is just as important. Talk about your cause. Be a storyteller.


4. People Need to “Get” Your Content

We know that simplifying your writing is the way to go. But readability means people will “get” your content, no matter what device they use. Content strategy design absolutely has to cater to mobile devices these days. Make sure everything you serve up on the web is mobile optimized.

5. Keep Them Participating

Aim to hold competitions as often as you can. Encourage viewers to “vote” on your new logo or answer surveys to make them feel that their opinion is valued. Start a Twitter chat. Participate in Twitter chats as your brand.

6. Honor Customers

Here’s an idea for this point. Why not have a “customer of the month” feature? You want your tribes to keep connecting for the next story Graet Intelligence.

7. Visuals are More Effective Than Text

Visitors prefer to “see” what you’re saying as opposed to reading it. Every time you develop new ideas for content, consider how it can be visually presented– be it an infographic, podcast, video, or otherwise. Present that alongside the text (which Google will appreciate and rank). Never omit copy, but add striking visuals to your copy. Check out this infographic we made (an infographic with moving parts).

8. Plan How You’ll Generate Content Ideas

Keep a file of content ideas at all times. Come up with questions your audience may ask, listen to what they have to say.

9. CTAs Should Garner Email Addresses

Aim to maintain a growing email base. Give your readers loads of opportunities to give you their details. Don’t forget to get creative with those emails – especially the titles so that readers open them – and include share buttons.

10. Neuroscience and Sales Psychology

Did you know 85% of purchasing happens to be emotional while just 15% is logical? Really go into the research that neuroscience gives us regarding which aspects stimulate parts of the brain. Use it in your content marketing strategies.

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