Apple Changes Maps, App Store Icons in iOS eleven Beta

Since the declaration of iOS eleven in its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple has been tinkering with app icons within the beta version of the working system with modern day changes being made inside the Maps and the App Store.


The Maps icon now has a sliver of the Cupertino-based giant’s new spaceship campus, referred to as the Apple Park, The Verge reported on Monday.

The other trade changed into made within the App Store brand and changed pen and brush to a chain of lines that appear to be overlapping sticks.

IOS eleven remains in beta and all of this is a challenge to exchange. Apple should make mild tweaks to the icons, or it is able to scrap them altogether and cross returned to the iOS 10 variations, the record mentioned.


Recently, Apple adjusted the Clock icon making the numbers a chunk thicker. The employer also made adjustments to Contacts, Reminders and Notes apps.

Coming again to the spaceship campus, as Apple inches toward open gates of its modern campus this 12 months, a brand new drone fly by video surfaced last month, showcasing the corporation maintains to apply completing touches inclusive of landscaping.

Shot by way of drone videographer Duncan Sinfield, the video highlights the paintings within the spaceship ring and planting of trees and different greenery in a hundred seventy five-acre, $5 billion Apple Park.

The Battle Of The Operating Systems, Android Vs iOS:

Android is Google’s powered software program whereas iOS is Apple’s powered software program. IOS software program can only be in Apple devices whereas Android is being utilized in several gadgets via one-of-a-kind agencies like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, and so forth. IOS software program is said to be extra consumer-friendly compared to Android due to its particular designs and uniform factors.

Both operating structures convey products to lifestyles. Android became created by using Google, and iOS become evolved by using Apple. When you are in an aggressive marketplace, you have to be one of a kind, but which is high-quality for you? To discover, take into account these 3 important categories.

Android offers nearly unlimited get right of entry to and allows settings to be adjusted to desire. Apps, lock displays, and shortcuts have unlimited options. IOS isn’t always almost as flexible. While because of this a product running with iOS is less in all likelihood to have its settings damaged through the consumer, it additionally way that you have much less freedom to do what you want with it. Android beats iOS on the subject of customization.

For iOS users, being constrained approach, it’s hard to mess up. Android’s freedom comes with complexity. IOS comes uniform throughout all of their products. I can sense confident giving my 71-year-vintage grandmother an iPad, and he or she could in all likelihood no longer war with it. Android works satisfactorily for those who are a bit more tech savvy, and for those who need some thing a bit more particular. If you need a user-friendly interface, then Apple can be the proper choice.

Another essential figuring out component is safety. Because iOS is uniform throughout all products, this means it is a lot simpler to replace the devices and fix safety patches. Android is used throughout many extraordinary products and organizations, which means that safety patches are slower and frequently require similarly patching and adjusting, leaving the person vulnerable.

So which is better? While Android can boast that they may be satisfactory at customizability and compatibility, iOS can declare better person interface and safety. Consider your wishes to determine which type of product high-quality fits your desires and your lifestyle.

Android Game Vs iOS Game Development – What Should A Developer Choose?


When it involves deciding on a smart smartphone, one normally has to pick among cellular devices helping major systems – iOS and Android. The different OS’s have now not been protected inside the calculation as they shape a completely minuscule part of the equation. So, with the extraordinary increase within the cell gaming enterprise, upcoming builders are poised with the massive question of selecting among iOS and Android recreation improvement. Both those structures have their own professionals and cons in relation to recreation improvement. Let us have a take a look at the variations between these two structures in this regard.

1. Development

Android takes extra time than iOS. One of the prime reasons for that is the checking out method. While iOS games must be tested in a few gadgets (iPhones and iPads), Android video games have to be examined in a wide style of devices and that is very time-consuming. Again, after trying out, when insects have been observed and stuck, the checking out needs to be achieved again for all the one’s devices. As an end result, Android recreation development takes a large amount of time compared to iOS game improvement.

2. Devices supporting the OS

One has to bear in mind the devices helping these structures before making the selection as to which platform to use for recreation improvement. If you occur to be in Android recreation improvement, you have to reflect on consideration on growing for the myriads of Android gadgets to be had within the market. There are many agencies manufacturing Android devices and a majority of these gadgets include extraordinary specifications with regards to the hardware used, the display length, display resolution, etc. So while one develops an Android game, he has to make sure that the sport works in a large number of devices.

Apple, alternatively, produces a confined quantity of gadgets, and consequently, iOS game improvement isn’t always as complex, as it has to think about miles decrease sort of devices in comparison to Android.

3. Revenue technology

A cellular app generates revenue in some of the methods, which includes app purchase, in app purchases, advertising, subscription, and so forth. It has been located that the App Store (the app distribution platform in iOS) generates greater than double the revenue generated by way of Google Play (the app distribution platform in Android). This is due to the fact maximum of the apps and games to be had inside the App Store are premium and users need to pay to down load and use them. However, with regards to the variety of downloads Google Play rankings over iOS due to the option of free downloading of apps and video games, in addition to the humongous range of Android customers. This does not suggest that there are no top rated games to be had in Google Play; however, they’re plenty less as compared to iOS. Revenue era in Android apps is especially due to in app purchases, a fee according to deploy, advertisements, and by imparting a paid model of the apps with more features.

It definitely depends on the developer on how he desires to make cash from the game. However, for a quicker return on funding, iOS appears to be the suitable platform for recreation improvement.

4. Design

When it comes to video games, the more they appear real, a greater immersive enjoy they provide. And that is one vicinity in which Android excels above iOS. While video games in iOS devices appearance flat and also your experience like playing “just every other 2D recreation on a flat surface”, Google’s UI elements offer seams, shadows, and edges, which make sure that the sport has a more authentic look.

5. Investment


iOS games require one to use the XCode IDE with the iOS SDK. XCode IDE runs most effective on MacBooks and to expand an iOS sport, one might want to shop for a MacBook with a pretty excessive configuration, with a purpose to show to be a high-priced affair.

Android video games require one to download Android Studio and start coding the app. Android Studio is supported by using almost all the gadgets and one does not need to shell out those massive bucks as a preliminary investment.

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