Media Versus Educational Institutions

 Media Versus Educational Institutions

Many things have been said about media, its relation with schooling and the establishment of education, and co-movement among them. But the point that has hardly ever been and scarcely pressured upon and calls for to be emphasized with the pressure and energy it deserves is that the media, by using itself, is the most powerful medium of education at large. When I talk about media, I suggest it includes both print and digital media. There is an umbilical relationship between the media and educational establishments, as both are deeply correlated, collateral, and complementary.

Educational Institutions

Education on Air

So ways as the print media (information papers/magazines/periodicals/journals) are involved, it has, by some means, been playing their role in instructing human beings undoubtedly to some extent, but lamentably, the electronic media (radio, T.V., etc.,) isn’t turning into the goods on this admire. Being a medium of infotainment, it’s miles, in truth, speculated to be a method of not simply educating the hundreds on a much wider scale but also a tool of selling and growing the national ethos, subculture, moral values, ethics, and social manners on the kingdom-huge scale.

Educational Institutions

Media is the most powerful device for effectively spreading, teaching, and ingraining the values and traditions amongst our new generation. It also strengthens them inside the attitude of the vintage one. It is the government’s responsibility to use digital media for the above-stated functions, and it has the powers, necessary resources, and machinery to achieve this, but, alas, it has, till now, failed to take any concrete step in the route. Therefore, the government is well-suggested to press its machinery to apply the centrally administered media to offer education on the air.

Media’s function in comparison with formal Institutions of Education

It is irrefutable that the media can be an effective and useful tool for educating the masses. In this admiration, the media’s position begins precisely. The function played with the aid of the formal establishments and faculties, colleges, and universities involves a stop. The press is no longer obligated to tell humans what has occurred and what is happening inside the environment, within society, across us, and worldwide. Still, it also has a bounden obligation to enlighten the hundreds of what is necessary and what now must be there underneath the sky.


Art, Culture, and Literature

The media has every other feature to carry out. That is to attend to some of the humans’ social manners and ethical values to keep and promote them except growing indigenous art, lifestyle, and literature. A few phrases about literature: anything written is defined as literature. However, anything registered with an accuracy of the language and punctuation of the grammar is, by definition, termed the “classic literature.” At the same time, something is printed, posted, broadcast, and telecast with the aid of the print-digital media, which is not anything but “literature in haste.” This is exactly the domain of media.

Reverse Gear

Now, the question arises: what is the media doing nowadays? Hasn’t it placed the car on the opposite tools and is not using it in quite the opposite direction? Is the media gambling its function, doing its capabilities in any respect sincerely and definitely? Is it delivering the products in letters and spirit? The solution is, unluckily, a horrible “No.” It is extraordinarily deplorable, disappointing, and sorry state affairs to peer that within the name of artwork and subculture, Western art and lifestyle are being promoted and boosted. On the opposite, the indigenous arts and cultures are, sadly, being weakened and relegated daily, throwing the younger generation straightaway into the “lap of the Western Culture” on a wholesale scale.

Failure of the Educational System

The role played by our formal instructional establishments is even worse. Our machine of education remains primarily based on a few elements of the British coverage- disposing of which the sooner, the higher because they may be, on the other hand, laying negative and dangerous effects on the emerging abilities of our promising college students and the alternative, extirpating the very roots of Indian lifestyle. Despite having won geopolitical freedom, we’re set with a purpose to get ourselves launched from the yoke of intellectual- intellectual bondage of our Anglo-American masters in positive spheres of lifestyles, specifically in the financial system, technological know-how, and technology. In the name of offering to school, our students are made “the ebook-addicts,” as an alternative changed into the “e-book-worms.” Instead of pushing in advance and encouraging them to pursue and broaden their instinctively creative competencies and talents, the scholars are, unfortunately, being endorsed to strictly pass by using the books from the beginning to the end at some stage. The main emphasis is on the idea and now, not in practice.

Forms of media

Consequently, now the country India can boast of manufacturing high-quality “imitators” in nearly every sphere of life; however, it isn’t always in a role to proudly claim to have produced any original thinkers and scientists besides Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, S.Chandrashekher, Hargobind Khurana, Amartya Sen, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and a few different exceptions in latest history. Even a handful of those born with innovative and high capabilities are forced to go overseas due to the absence of necessary centers, the right incentives, profitable compensations, and encouragement. S . A. In the sphere of technology and generation, we’re nonetheless dependent on the tremendously evolved Western nations to a huge volume. India’s glory has been misplaced somewhere inside the dustbin of records.

Total Overhauling wished

Unless the complete shape of the policy, which has been reduced to a terrible, abhorrently stinking rot, is overhauled and restructured, regulations putting the educational system on a legitimate footing and guiding the media in the direction of its real capabilities are framed fresh and carried out vigorously and vehemently, in addition to suitable amendments are incorporated in the relevant quantities of the Constitution if you want to enact and put in force vital legal guidelines for the purposes, the scenario will no longer enhance, and India will no longer grow to be a free and independent nation in each field of existence, in the truest sense of the term.

Versus tracking

In recognition of media, it’s imperative, specifically given the developing greed, to earn as much cash as possible, even if it is at the price of the barest minimum necessities of the not unusual human beings. The greed has overshadowed the remarkable values and lofty human sentiments of affection, affection, compassion, sympathy, honesty, sincerity, and mainly — the spirit of sacrifice — has been brought to the fore by the grasping, selfish, and self-serving TT.V.Newshounds/photographers, who, even as reporting, always generally tend to choose shooting pictures of even the bleeding and loss of life folks attacked by miscreants or injured in street accidents, to going to their rescue.

An instance stating the bitter truth became said from Chennai, where a police officer was attacked on his motorbike by unidentified assailants, bled to loss of life because of behind-schedule scientific attention on January 8, 2010. A convoy of ministers exceeded by using, stopping, and checking out the sub-inspector of Tamil Nadu police, R. Vetrivel, who lay profusely bleeding on the road and, in reality, passed off. None of them felt it important to take any movement. On the other hand, a T.V. cameraman became so eager to capture the pix that he, too, did not bear in mind that taking the hassle of going to his useful resource was essential.

The pictures have been flashed using numerous T.V. news channels, including 9 O’CLOCK NEWS. Although the channels’ aim turned into wagging a finger at the ministers, who impotently stood around doing nothing, the same charge could be leveled at the cameraman, who was busy filming the scene, instead of dashing the person to the clinic. However, we will ask ourselves the same question: how often do we prevent witnessing a road accident? Is it fair on our component to quickly shake our heads at the ministers while many of us may not have stopped for any Vetrivel? What does such an event demand from a journalist who takes place to be a person? Should he shoot the event and skip off or bodily intrude on it?

Arguments or Lame Excuses?

The argument goes like this: reporters’ task is to report what happens as genuinely as possible. The journalist is like a medical doctor within the emergency room, strictly according to one analogy- one that conic gave the pictures of the demise of Vetrivel. One sees a lot of suffering, but it’s far more vital to place one’s feelings apart and work on the story. Many journalists worldwide assume and act equally – especially those covering wars and remarkable disasters. A journalist must neglect that he’s a human being first and a professional final. Apart from purpose and mind, fantastic human sentiments of affection, mercy, sympathy, mutual attention, and cooperation, going to the rescue of the helpless, and extending a supporting hand to the needy in distress are the attributes that distinguish human beings from animals. Human nature needs that these traits ought to by no means, in any case, be dominated with the aid of greed to earn cash at the cost of lives and the selfish urge to go in advance in the race of sweeping into the internet all forms of comfort and luxury of mundane life for the sake of the self and kith and relations, pushing in the back of, and every so often, treading over others inside the race.

Ruthless Machines

The super greed for money has truly turned professionals into “ruthless machines,” and journalists are no exception. By preferring to seize footage, the TT.V.Photographer proved his mercilessness. Of course, financial situations determine how pictures are produced and broadcast to viewers.

Education or educational

We are so acquainted with having our television newshounds dramatize the information and act like drama-mongers that they’ve lost our belief. Almost every televised occasion seems like infotainment, a soap opera, or a trick for scores. In this context, it’s difficult not to look at nearly everything the news media does with an intensely suspicious eye. The panel discussions over the law on television had been raised again to manipulate the runaway speed of TV news, but this does not appear to address the more intricate problem.

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