Real weight loss story — Ishita Singh lost 12 kgs in 10 weeks with yoga!

 Real weight loss story — Ishita Singh lost 12 kgs in 10 weeks with yoga!

It is not just your genes or eating habits that make you gain weight. Being on medications and not exercising can also add extra inches to your waist. And this is what happened to Ishita Singh, who met with a serious accident on 2nd May 2014. She had to spend 32 days in hospital following five surgeries and then another five months of bed rest. This was the time when she had to take loads of medications, which made her put on weight in the next five months. From 58 kgs before the accident, Ishita was just over 75 kgs after six months of recovery, gaining 17 kgs in just a few months. But this didn’t put her down. She decided to shed the flab and went on her weight loss journey. She ended up losing 12 kgs in 10 weeks only with yoga. In her own words, Ishita Singh’s weight loss journey from 75 kgs to 63 kgs in 10 weeks.


I started buying new clothes as the old ones couldn’t fit me anymore. People had started commenting on how I had changed and become heavier, which only made things worse as I would get depressed after such comments. I had a regular diet (the one I used to have before the accident). I tried to catch up on exercise and running, but all in vain. And then I tried my hands at gymming, which I hated. After all the failed attempts, it was my Mum who suggested yoga. A yoga enthusiast, my Mum introduced me to the world of yoga and meditation, which did the trick for me. And within a week, I lost around 1.2 kgs by yoga. Get inspired by the story of Subia Siddiqui, who went from 106 kgs to 73 kgs in 6 months.

Diet plan for weight loss that worked!

My day started at 6.30 am with two glasses of lukewarm water and two tablespoons of methi (soaked in water overnight). It was followed by an hour of yoga and 15 minutes of meditation. After spending 10 hours at work, I used to walk briskly for 45 minutes every day after coming home. Some days, I even played an outdoor game for 45 minutes before dinner. I made it a point not to eat or drink anything after dinner except water before hitting the sack.

My breakfast was sprouts or fruits, and lunch was a bowl of boiled vegetables or dal and fruits. On some days, I used to have it with rice or roti or bhelpuri, but not every day. The dinner comprised two glasses of boiled bottled gourd juice with a pinch of salt, black pepper powder, and lime. I didn’t have snacks. I would drink four glasses of lukewarm water every day without fail and not eat anything after eight at night (a must if you want to lose weight). You might feel very hungry during the initial days of starting on this meal plan, but it works! If you can’t resist the urge to drink tea or coffee, have it without sugar.


How Yoga worked for me!

My fitness regime — I start with Vrikshasana for 1-2 minutes and then practice various yoga asanas like chakra-asana, virabhadrasana, Janus IR Sana, Madhya Chandra Sena, and others for a minimum of 2 sets of 30 reps each for right and left parts of the body. Here are ten yoga poses for beginners to get started!

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