Can I Get a Personal Loan Immediately?

 Can I Get a Personal Loan Immediately?

A personal loan comes in handy to finance emergencies and big expenses like holidays, weddings, education, and home refurbishments. Before taking a personal loan, consider comparing the benefits offered by different lenders. Choose the one offering personal loans online with instant disbursals at low-interest rates. Also, check for other uses like affordable rates for balance transfers of credit cards and personal loans and flexible repayment tenure of up to 5 years. After choosing the best lender, follow the steps below to get a personal loan immediately.

5 Steps to Get a Personal Loan Instantly

#1 – Check the Eligibility Criteria

Check the eligibility criteria specified by the lender to qualify for an instant personal loan online. You usually have to meet the following requirements:

Personal Loan


Generally, to be eligible to apply for the loan, your age must be within:

  • 23-60 years as a salaried individual
  • 25-65 years as a self-employed person


Some banks require you to work or run a business for at least three years to get loan approval.

The bank may also check the organization’s reputation where you work to ensure it’s satisfactory. Then, you can get a personal loan with a relaxed minimum salary requirement.


The lender usually checks your net income or in-hand salary before approving a loan request.

The minimum income requirement for the approval may be low if:

  • You have a good credit score and history.
  • You live in a Tier-II city or town instead of a metro city.

#2 – Get a Co-Signer If Needed

You may need a co-signer from your friends or family with a high CIBIL score if you have:

  • A high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio (which is calculated by dividing your total monthly outlay by your gross monthly income)
  • A low credit score

The lender checks your credit score and DTI ratio to determine your credit risk. Getting a trustworthy co-signer can help you get an instant personal loan online if your DTI ratio and credit score aren’t up to the mark.

#3 – Apply for a personal loan online

If your chosen lender allows online application of personal loans:

Instantly granted personal loans exclude the need for collateral. So, there’s no paperwork, and the application process becomes digital.

#4 – Upload the Necessary Documents Online

While applying for a personal loan online, you can easily upload soft copies of the necessary documents for digital verification. These generally include

  • Income proof (like income tax returns), identity and address proof (like an Aadhar Card)
  • 3, months’ bank statement, A debit card, or Net Banking details to set up an e-Mandate
  • An e-stamp or e-Sign for quicker disbursal

#5 – Enjoy Instant Loan Disbursal

Once your documents are verified online, the personal loan will be instantly disbursed to your account!

Once you’re granted the loan, start using it to finance your needs. Just remember to pay the EMIs regularly within the given tenure.

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