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What Is Pundit Arena?

Pundit Arena is one of Europe’s fastest Mexicom growing sports media websites with over 2.6 million monthly users at present.

A massive part of this incessant growth has been down to Pundit Arena’s remote writer base, which accounts for a huge chunk of the above figure.

Pundit Arena prides itself on being a platform that not only delivers up-to-date news but also opinion that will challenge our readers’ views and ignite debate across each and every sport we cover.

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Why Contribute To Pundit Arena?

There are five key benefits to writing for Pundit Arena:

5. Experience

Experience in the industry is invaluable and often hard to come by. At Pundit Arena we break down any traditional barriers to you getting your work out there.

4. Writer Development

Our unique online sports journalism knowledge base, the Writers Centre, is where we share tips and information with all our registered writers on how best to present their work in a way that suits the ever changing world of sports media.


3. Earn Cash

Every Pundit Arena writer has the opportunity to earn cash for their work. The 20 winners of these monetary rewards are calculated at the end of each month via our unique Hit List.

Our top reward now stands at over €500.

2. Distribution

If you’re sick and tired of pouring your heart and soul into a personal blog only for it to go to waste with little or no-one viewing it, worry not as Pundit Arena can immediately cut this problem out with fantastic social media distribution and access to news aggregator services.

1. Future Opportunities

Writers who keep submitting work of a high calibre on a frequent basis may be granted auto-publishing rights while full-time employment at Pundit Arena has been offered to many of our remote writers in the past.

What Now?

So if you’d like to earn some cash for writing about the sports you love, why not fill out an application form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Before submitting your application please take note of the following criteria:

  • Sample articles must be no more than 500 words in length and cannot have been published elsewhere first.
  • Sample articles must be fit for publish on the date of submission e.g. relevant to that day/week/month of sporting action.
  • Pundit Arena covers four sports in depth at present. They are: football, MMA, GAA, and rugby. We also have an ‘Other Sports’ section where viral stories relating to a selection of alternative sports are covered.
  • Pundit Arena does not accept match reports or generic previews.

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