Recent surveys map the travel preferences of Indians describing them as the most adventurous travellers. Team Viva reports

Bus travel is back for weekender Media Focus trips among smart Indians if the journey involves manageable hours. And when it comes to the Asia-Pacific region, Indians appear to be the most adventurous. These findings are part of two surveys which were released as part of World Tourism Day yesterday.

Published on the World Tourism Day, the two latest surveys seeks to uncover insights into traveller preferences and habits, from their content consumption patterns to their travel must-dos and number of consumer propensities with respect to journeying by different modes of transport. In country as diverse as India, there are numerous destinations that one can not see in their entire lifetime. People who have lived most of their life here and have travelled widely are still amazed by the list of unexplored places in this land of god and goddess.

India’s leading bus booking platform Travelyaari published a significant study which maps the travel preferences of Indians. Based on interaction with a sample size of 500 customers*, the survey sheds light on a number of consumer propensities with respect to journeying by bus. The respondents belonged to a diverse demographic and hailed from cities as different as Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. Important findings and insights were uncovered during the survey. The survey pointed on time being a crucial factor when it comes to plan a journey. While some want the time spent in a vehicle to be as short as possible, others believe in enjoying the journey as much as the destination.


The survey revealed that if the duration of a journey is between 5-12 hours, 76% of travellers in India choose bus transport. Essentially, for shorter trips, road remains the preferred option across the country.   Of the customers surveyed, almost 60% were a part of a family with1 child and 40% had 2 children. Transport choices also seem to be dictated by the availability of additional incentives. Apart from regular discounts, online bus booking is highly influenced by ease-of-use and loyalty points offered with 57% respondents marking offers and ease of use as their primary incentive. It has been observed from the findings that the respondents from different segments prefer to travel by bus when it is an overnight journey to visit their native place and tend to prefer bus travel because of the comfort and ease of booking.

The questionnaire also included inquiries about the participant’s personal details, such as age, gender and profession. 55% of the participants of the survey were private sector employees and software engineers who used bus for both short weekend travel to visit family and business travel displaying the high demand for comfortable and swift travel especially for short distance.

Further, the survey included questions regarding the preferred leisure activity of respondents, which revealed that 52% customers chose to watch TV and movies to relax and unwind during their road journeys. LCD/LED screens on seat backs, as is the case in many airlines and Wi-Fi-routers would, thus, be good additions to the value offered by the service to travellers.

The verdict seems to be that the Indian customer does indeed prefer travelling by bus, due to the flexibility offered in terms of tickets being available very close to date of the journey, and the range of options available to suit different requirements and budgets.

Another survey by a Global travel search engine, Skyscanner of over 8000 travellers across 10 Asia Pacific (APAC) countries including over 1100 Indian respondents, the survey deep dives into the travel content preferences and habits of travellers.


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