How to Get 1,000 Daily Pageviews on Your Blog

 How to Get 1,000 Daily Pageviews on Your Blog

Everyone wants 1,000 page views per day of web job posting on their blog, and only a handful will ever reach that goal. Frustration mounts when a plan seems unattainable. This is why content marketing leaves so many people feeling inadequate. You focus on the project. You want to find a clear path to gaining an edge. You aspire to greatness but don’t see it yet. You are on the right track when you execute a content marketing strategy. You have to be active. You have to adapt. This requires reading and learning to conquer the content marketing beast. First, let’s look at the most important content marketing task you must do regularly. You have to nail it on the head for every one of these tasks to aspire for 1,000 page views daily.


Content Marketing Basics Needed for 1,000 Pageviews

  1. Blogging Often: At least two or three times weekly. Use these tips and tricks to write great blogs faster. Blogging often brings your audience a level of consistency. This consistency is what builds trust in your website. Trust is the new currency of the internet.
  1. Guest Blogging Monthly: An outstanding post covering an in-depth topic will help get you featured on other high-traffic resources. Find blogs in your niche and contact them. Submit a bar and talk to them. Show them you know their audience as you cater to the same audience on your site. You don’t have to be promotional in your material. Just provide solid information.


  1. Building a Social Following: Use tools and data to find influencers that focus on your niche so you can engage with them and gain followers. Finding the right person often leads to a strong partnership. You can help this effort by staying consistent, focusing on one or two people, and building real relationships with them. Look for a long-term plan of growth versus a short-term growth outlook.
  1. Utilizing Copywriting Techniques: Find ways to write better content with wording, phrases, and tested swipe files. Other writers have blazed a path already. Learn to utilize their recipes for success. Gaining interest and attention from your audience is 90% of earning that first click to your website. Focus on headlines and scannable points.
  1. Have Great Sales Funnels with Captivating Lead Captures: Emotionful Lead magnets are the beginning of your conversion-optimized funnel. Your audience must trust you enough to enter their email address. Then, you must provide credible offers that lead them to a purchase point. The decision to buy or not will now depend on how well you do, leading to that point, Plan Trussler.
  1. Master the Use of Images: Utilising graphs, charts, infographics, and witty quotes to engage your audience is necessary. Visual content is expected and is often as easy as taking content you built and forming it into illustrative points. Take the bullet points and make a Slideshare or infographic.
  1. Long Articles that Cover Subjects in Depth: Sometimes 4,000 words with pictures and a complete walk-through on a subject are needed. Don’t just make long content to have a longer range. Make sure your content covers a subject in-depth and helps the audience find their way to the answer.
  2. Use a Headline Analyzer (like CoScheduler’s) with High Scores: Tools and Swipe Files to use every ounce of power in those 72-80 characters. Titles and headlines are among the biggest factors in gaining a first-time reader. Once they are at your site, you can then begin building trust. First, you have to get them to your post. That is why your headlines are so important. That is their first impression of you. You wear nice clothes for a reason—first impressions matter.

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