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Pokemon Go daily fix: What to do once you reach level 5

Written by Rohit Shetty

It wouldn’t be saying too much if we say Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon in less than a week. It needs no introduction, not anymore, not in India, not anywhere else. Although, the game is not yet available in India, but considering you’ve already downloaded the game through APKs (click here if you haven’t), it’d be safe to talk about the fabled level 5, which opens doors to those red, blue, or yellow coloured towers aka gyms.

The game itself offers almost no help when it comes to the complexities surrounding the world of pocket monsters. Life till level 5 is simple and easy. You walk around, catch Pokemon, collect items from Poker stops and that’s it. Neat deal!

It’s the moment you reach the level 5 you realise it was not even the tip of an iceberg, it was just a speck of snow perhaps. With this daily blog, I offer you a detailed first-person experience of the game.


For now, let’s check out what awaits you at level 5 and above.

A wild Professor Willow appeared

The good old’ Professor continues to be as helpful as he was before. Or in other words, not helpful at all.

Professor Willow simply tells you now you can join a team and visit gyms to train your Pokemon or fight to claim a gym.

Team? Nobody told me it’s a multi-player game.

Rightly so, it’s not. However, you’ll have to choose one team from Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor.

These teams follow different schools of thought, seemingly just a gimmick to support the gameplay. It doesn’t really matter which team you pick.

Team Instinct: These people believe their guts when it comes to a Pokemon battle.

Team Mystic: These people believe Pokemon have “immeasurably deep” wisdom and that Pokemon trainers need to respect and analyse that wisdom.

Team Valor: These people are all about going all out in a battle. They believe Pokemon are incredibly strong creatures.

As we said earlier, it doesn’t really matter. It matters only when you want to train your Pokemon or fight some Pokemon. But how?

It’s time to hit the gym

From the very first level you must have been seeing tall coloured towers. Now is the time you know more about them.

A red tower is owned by a member of Team Valor, a blue one is by Team Mystic, and the last one, the yellow tower, is owned by a member of Team Instinct.

If you enter a gym of your own team, say Team Valor, you can train your Pokemon there. Training a Pokemon is just the same as fighting against one.

And if you enter a gym of a rival team, which could be either Instinct or Mystic, you’ll have to fight the Pokemon there. If you beat the monster, the tower’s colour changes to that of your team.

That sounds easy, right?

Well, not always.

Even though it has been just a week since the game was launched, people have been playing it like their lives depend on it. While you reached level 5, there are people who are already at level 10 or maybe higher.

When you enter a gym with someone at level 8, 9, or 10, you should expect a Pokemon with Combat Power over 400 or even 500. In my case, I took pride in my Growlithe with 158 CP. Entering the gym I realised I was up against a Golbat with 379 CP.

I don’t take pride anymore. And my Growlithe is virtually in a hospital.



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