What Can Apple’s New IOS Mountain Lion Do for Your Business?

 What Can Apple’s New IOS Mountain Lion Do for Your Business?

Even although maximum corporations still use the Windows working system, Mac is getting extra famous amongst professionals in creative industries like design due to the power of its creative applications. Usage of the iOS on the iPad is exploding amongst small businesses who need cell computing with more portability than a laptop. However, more computing strength than an iPhone. Mac is catching up in terms of usability for groups, and the release of its new OS makes it even more functional in the professional discipline.

IOS Mountain

Apple’s newest iOS X, OS X Mountain Lion, is to be had as a download in the Mac App Store for $19.Ninety-nine, 5 greenbacks much less than its predecessor, OS X Lion. It requires a computer strolling Lion or Snow Leopard to start with and 2GB of reminiscence, alongside 8GB of available space. The new iOS is available for free on any gadget bought from Apple on or after June 11. Qualifying owners should request their replica at the Apple internet site by using August 24 or thirty days after their date of purchase, whichever is later.


Mountain Lion gives a diffusion of new gear which can help small organizations with employer and productivity. Foremost amongst those tools is the new Notification Center, which consolidates notifications from each local and 1/3 birthday celebration application into one vicinity. The Notification Center shows alerts from Calendar, Mail, Messages, and other applications in a neat sidebar that remains hidden until you want it. Then, Mac’s multitouch gestures come into use with a quick-finger swipe at the brink of the touchpad to expose the sidebar. Notification bubbles additionally pop up at the corner of the screen when you get a new email or message, as an example.

Another addition to the OS that would purpose higher productivity is eliminating that in favor of the less complicated “Messages.” With the Messages app, you could message iPhones, iPods, and other Macs all from the same vicinity, which allows you to allow businesses to greater effortlessly coordinate with personnel and clients from an unmarried consolidated location. You also can video chat directly from Messages to any of those devices. It’s one among many programs that Apple is borrowing from iOS to make the 2 structures extra like-minded.

If your business makes large use of social media, Mountain Lion has something to help you with that, too. The Sharing utility means that you can share content from nearly any application directly to email, Twitter, Messages, and different social media structures like at the iPhone. In this manner, you can grow your organization’s social media effect without even leaving the page you’re on. IPhoto also integrates directly with Facebook so that you can upload pics immediately from the application. Apple also says that new updates increasing the connection with social media outlets are coming soon.

The new Gatekeeper platform means that organizations using Mountain Lion may be more secure downloading software programs from the Internet. Though Mac is already well-known for being well-blanketed towards viruses and malware, Gatekeeper gives even greater safety from malicious software. It offers users extra control over what apps are downloaded. This can be especially helpful for smaller companies that do not have access to IT assets.

Mac to Mac sharing and report accessibility has been extensively advanced via Mountain Lion’s use of the cloud. While cloud had already been in use to sync iPhone and iPad records, with the new OS X, equal functionality comes to Mac computers. In the work suite, customers can store documents from Pages, Keynote, and Numbers immediately to the cloud. The files are on hand from the cloud internet site on any computer or Apple mobile device with those applications mounted. Your business can take files with you wherever you cross–update a Keynote presentation on your iPhone or iPad, and find that your updates and revisions have been synced with the record wherever you open it. What Apple had already finished for their cell devices now subsequently also applies to their computer systems.

With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple is doing the whole thing they could to integrate cell and laptop and to streamline capabilities as a great deal as possible. This means for you as an enterprise person because something paintings you want to be done through technology might be easier, faster, and better suited to syncing between devices, humans, and even social media applications. Small agencies must rely upon fewer human beings doing more, and on the era and social media for high-effect, low-value advertising, and marketing, this is ideal news.

This coming fall, Apple is likewise popping out with a new iOS, iOS 6. Apple has said that the brand new iOS will include enhanced Facebook compatibility and greater cloud features, so in combination with OS X Mountain Lion, you will be able to get even extra out of your gadgets for your commercial enterprise. But till then, experience the improved productivity courtesy of Mountain Lion.


Recently the contemporary OS model iOS 6 has come out on the technology market. The iOS 6 has many functionalities that help enhance user experience and outline everyday sports effortlessly. This OS can permit many functionalities that affect the existence of a person at once. For example, whilst we talk approximately the capability to decline the call, even as placing a message reminder, it facilitates loads. For example, you’re busy with some different work, and immediately you get a call that you can not attend in the intervening time, then you will need to placed it off, but at the equal time, it is vital to call lower back. Now with iOS 6, you can set a reminder. Similarly, other functionalities like sending a predefined message to the caller and utilizing the capability of FaceTime may be enabled. Let us analyze the hints to utilize these capabilities.

Sending message, set a name back reminder on iOS 6

In iOS 6, there may be a capability to decline an incoming call and swipe a message at once. In this manner, the caller might be notified with a text which you are busy pointing out the purpose for declining your call. You can even set a reminder for calling again not to leave out important calls. This can be executed via defining preset messages that you could personalize as consistent with your comfort. As soon as you receive a cellphone name, you’ll see a telephone icon located at the right-hand facet backside of the display. If you need to say no to the decision, then slide this icon upwards, and you will see options seem, Reply with Message, Remind Me Later.

Now pick out the option of Reply with a message to say no to the call. Now you may again get the choice of sending 3 exceptional messages to the caller. You can tap to select the predefined message, or you could personalize a message. If you need to personalize a message, then Go to Custom Option and compose a message. WordPress, the running a blog website online, has left no stone unturned to include and captivate the worldwide audiences thru its blogs. It has been continuously updating itself with new functions to provide its users an impeccable experience of running a blog surpassing BlogSpot. Now that the utility has made its foray into iOS devices, it is attempting its best to upgrade itself to manage a WordPress blog from Apple gadgets will become simpler than ever. Recently, the software has released its model three. Zero for iOS customers, giving them an easy entry to the blogging platform with a variety of new and enhanced capabilities.

What’s new in Version 3.0?

The new iOS version there is a really perfect software that lets in the overall performance optimization of the gadgets with more than 44 separate insects and crash troubles. It comes full of several interesting capabilities that make WordPress revel in an impressive one. However, the brand new addition consists of features like Push Notifications, swipe-to-moderation toolbar, and language integration, making it a worthwhile utility. These features also are stated to grow the overall performance degree of the devices significantly. Freely downloadable from App Store, these capabilities enable simultaneous and clean dealing with WordPress.Com blogs and self-hosted WordPress.Org blogs.

Push Notifications: The new iOS software supports push notification for brand new comments, allowing the consumer to realize if his/ her post has obtained any sparkling commentary from the readers. It highlights the comments in the comment lists and notifies the person so that he /she can instantly recognize the reaction of the audience as quickly as they specific their views on WordPress.Com Swipe-to-moderation Tool Bar: Enabling problem unfastened cell enhancing, this feature allows the users to edit, create or make any alteration in a post, comment, photo or a video on WordPress.Com blog the use of the iOS software. It diminishes the need to visit remark Permalink or bulk moderations.


Language integration: To make the verbal exchange method an effective one, the new version three. Zero iOS capabilities assist localization of foreign languages like Taiwanese (China), Hungarian and Polish.

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